Tecmo Koei to acquire Atelier developer Gust

Independent RPG maker joins Dynasty Warriors publisher

Japanese publisher Tecmo Koei has announced its intention to acquire Gust, the developer responsible for the Atelier franchise.

The company intends to buy all shares of Gust stock from current shareholder Keiken Holdings for 2.2 billion, according to Andriasang.

The independent developer will now become a wholly owned subsidiary of the publisher best known for the Dynasty Warriors series. Tecmo Koei has previously acted at distributor for Gust's Atelier games.

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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 6 years ago
I get my kicks from oldschool JRPG's. I just hope they bought it to further expand GUSTS portfolio of games... i like GUSTS games and I own every single game from the Altelier, Ar Tonelico and Mana Khemia series released in the US. Im hoping this deal will mean bigger games. Because one thing GUST does is use the same game engine, graphics throughout all there games each generation. i love there games, but they can use a boost in terms of higher quality production and refined gameplay. I know there games arent meant to be the next final fantasy, but I always imagined what there games would be like if they had higher production values.
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