Sony vice president Hayama joins Bossa Studios

The Last Guardian producer moves to Shine's social games developer

Yoshifusa Hayama, previously vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment, has quit the company to join social games firm Bossa Studios as creative director.

Hayama was most recently working on Team Ico's The Last Guardian, and had been with Sony for over four years.

"The appointment of Yoshifusa marks a great day in our journey and of social gaming as a whole," commented Henrique Olifiers of Bossa Studio

"Now we have in-house one of the finest creative minds in the gaming industry, who not only shares our vision for creating 'anti-social' games that people love, but will make social games as compelling and visually stunning as their console counterparts."

Bossa Studios, sold to News Corps' Shine Group earlier this year, is working on Facebook game Monstermind which currently boasts 380,000 MAUs. Hayama's first title will be a new 3D game to be released in 2012.

His departure from the team working on The Last Guardian follows the news that Ico and Shadow of the Colossus creator Fumito Ueda has left Sony but will remain on the game until its release.

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Certainly a interesting move. Hopefully Hayama will enjoy Old street and the local food chains around London :) !
If all else fails, the sushi in central London should hopefully cater to a small piece of japanese nostalgia/culture
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Peter Lovell Head of Talent Acquisition, NaturalMotion6 years ago
Phenomenal hire! Exciting times for Bossa Studios!
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and for UK PLC!
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