Four new senior hires for Rare

Former Codemasters, Ubisoft and Relentless staff join the Kinect Sports developer

Rare has added for new members to its senior team, with Jon Vincent, Danny Isaac, Peter Ridgway and Andrew Dennison joining in the past month.

"Everyone at Rare welcomes the skills and input of some of the industry's most exciting people as we boost an already strong talent base with these latest hires," said senior studio director Craig Duncan.

"We have big ambitions here at the studio, and industry professionals such as Andrew, Jon, Danny and Peter will help ensure we fulfil them. This is the latest step in Rare's continued evolution and we have plans to further augment our team over the coming months."

Vincent takes the role of audio director and arrives from Ubisoft Reflections where he worked on Driver: San Francisco, while Isaac, formerly of Relentless Software and EA, will become executive producer.

Dennison joins from Codemasters as software director, leaving his role as lead programmer for titles like Dirt 3. Ridgeway, also from Codemasters, has been appointed as technical art director.

"As a first party Microsoft studio, our mission is to attract the brightest and best talent in the business," added Duncan.

"These four appointments demonstrate that we are well on our way to achieving this."

In October a number of Rare veterans including Chris Tilston and Philip Dunne launched Starfire Studios.

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Gregory Keenan6 years ago
I still greatly question the direction Rare has taken (or maybe forced). I hope the studio returns to creating good quality original titles - All their games with Microsoft(before going Kinect obsessed) have been overlooked gems in my opinion. Perfect Dark Zero is still one of my all time favourite FPS because their was SO much depth to how the game play mechanics were woven.
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Tony Johns6 years ago
Kameo Elements of power was not bad...perhaps another overlooked gem.

But sadly I feel like RARE has never been the same since those Nintendo days....

It is like something special was lost after the RARE buyout and now there is this gaping hole and people getting all focused on the visuals of how to make a game look great have forgotten how to make a great videogame that plays well and the visuals are not the most important part of the game but how the game plays and how the game can evoke feelings within the player.
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Hate to say it but the Rare not seems a dim shadow of its past glory. In addition the products chruned our rarely pique ones instance. Its almost a case of flair but no substance. I would love someone to prove this statement to the contrary
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Nicky Rhodes Studying Environment Artist, University of Glamorgan6 years ago
I say hats off to them and good luck, I recon they will do really well at rare.
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