Xbox 360 has biggest sales week ever

America's Black Friday sees 960,000 consoles sold in a single week

The Xbox 360 has seen impressive Thanksgiving sales this year, selling more that 960,000 units in the US alone.

It's the biggest sales week yet in the history of the seven year old console.

Larry Hryb, the director of programming for XBox Live, and also known as Major Nelson, shared the figures. They also showed that of the 960,000 sold, 800,000 were sold within one 24 hour period.

More that 750,000 Kinects were also sold, a figure that includes both individual peripherals and bundles.

"We have seen tremendous excitement from customers for our hot holiday gaming offers," said Chris Homeister, SVP and GM of Home Entertainment at Best Buy.

"Xbox 360 was among the best-sellers at Best Buy this Black Friday, and is a testament to the continued popularity of the gaming category this holiday."

The news follows figures from Japan, where the Xbox 360 Kinect peripheral has been on sale for one year, selling 114,000 units in that time.

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Harrison Smith Studying Games and Graphics Programming, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology6 years ago
You would sell a tonne when you are selling them at 50 dollars a pop. It sucks that here in Australia, our sales happen the day after christmas.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
Staggering sales figures - so it's sold about 2/3 of its overall Japanese total in one week in North America?!

I would be interested to see how well Kinect software sells in NA too - it doesn't seem to make much impact in the UK charts (which usually reflects US sales fairly closely), but over there is the Xbox stronghold so I wonder if things are different for it.
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Rodney Smith Developer 6 years ago
I bought a new one too!! Finally got rid of the beige noisy monster.

The amazon black friday deal was too good to miss. 170 for 250gb + halo ce + 1 year xbox live. I also got gears 3 for 20
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Graham Simpson Tea boy, Collins Stewart6 years ago
Terence, in UK we are basically in a recession. The High Streets have been decimated and hence GAME's prifts warning which explained that it was more economic than anything else. There are some great deals on Xboxs etc but the reality is the economy is hurting everyone.
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Cody Scott6 years ago
@ Harrison Smith. It was sold at $200 still real cheap when you are talking about game systems though....And the US also have sales after Christmas as well.
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