Robomodo crowdfunding XBLA title

Using Kickstarter to fund new Robomite Kinect game Bodoink

Robomite, the family gaming arm of Tony Hawk developer Robomodo, is creating its next title using crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Bodoink will be an XBLA title for Kinect, and so far the project has 18 backers and $510 towards its $35,000 goal.

"As far as we know, we are going to be the first console game that will be funded by Kickstarter," says the Robomite site.

"We love this challenge and want to show other developers like us that given the right resources and savvy, a professional console game can be created by this community."

The developer isn't ignoring traditional processes entirely, it will still be using a publisher for marketing and QA so that all crowd sourced funds go directly towards development.

"One might ask, why go to a publisher at all with digital distribution?"

"We want to make sure this is a professional level XBLA game and that requires a publisher for access. There is a place for non-published games but it is very hard for games to stand out in that area."

Those who pledge $1000 or more, and live in Chicago area, can claim a Design Consultant credit and have company president Josh Tsui cook them a steak. Other perks for contributors include having their likeness included in the game, signed games and studio tours.

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I already had this idea sometime ago... but I dont think it will works. Theres other game Projects in Rocket Hub and none of these projects are shining.
My best wishes...
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