Gameforge closes free-to-play title Katsuro

Lack of players and high costs blamed; Bigpoint to co-publish Star Trek title?

Troubled German publisher Gameforge is to shut down free-to-play title Katsuro: Path of Honor due to a lack of players and high costs.

The move comes after the company cancelled titles Mythos and Hellbreed, and made the decision to lay off 100 employees at the start of the month.

"Unfortunately we have reached the difficult decision to cease operation of the game Katsuro," said a spokesperson for the company," confirming the plug will be pulled December 19.

"The number of players has significantly reduced and the upkeep costs are simply too high, making it impossible for us to continue running the game."

Gameforge has also hinted that it may not be able to publish Star Trek: Infinite Space in the future, although German site OGLabs is suggesting that there is a possibility that rival firm Big point may strike a co-publishing deal on the project.

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Gregore Candalez Journalist and Account Manager, FD Com.8 years ago
Truly sad. Fortunately, we are offered a wide array of options of free-to-play games. But unfortunately a vast majority of them cannot meet good quality standards, so they need to shut down. I feel bad for the 100 professionals fired - which, summed to other hundres laid off by many other companies, totals over thousands of people. A very large number for an industry in such constant growth.
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