Bethesda to patch Skyrim PS3 problem

Currently scheduled for release next week

After pages of forum posts and consumer complaints, Bethesda will attempt to fix the issues faced by PlayStation 3 Skyrim players with a new patch next week.

"PS3 and 360 updates have been submitted for certification. PC coming too. Current estimate is they will be live the week after Thanksgiving," said Bethesda's Pete Hines.

"On the list for this update is improved performance for long-term play on PS3."

A large number of PlayStation 3 players had found that after playing for a number of hours save files were hitting the 9MB mark, causing the game to severely lag, eventually making the game unplayable.

Xbox 360 users have also reported texture issues, but Bethesda has not confirmed whether or not the patch will fix this specific issue.

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Latest comments (16)

Tim Clark Editor in Chief, Future6 years ago
No word on what's going to be done for the folk who don't use XBL or PSN though. As things stand I'd say the PS3 version is in Trading Standards territory – simply doesn't work as described.
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Farhang Namdar Lead Game Designer Larian Studios 6 years ago
Well isn't this surprising, I can't believe the game is getting good reviews left and right. I play it on the PC and everything in the game is lacking. Embarrassingly enough the thing I enjoy most of the game is walking in the repetitive terrain. I would say marketing is worth every penny ;)
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Gregore Candalez Journalist and Account Manager, FD Com.6 years ago
Farhang, you are one individual, and only you can say whether or not you like a game. Good reviews are made by people who personally enjoyed the game. You can read them but you are not obliged to agree with them. You can only extract some guidelines about the game, but only when you play you will be able to judge it.
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Andrew Animator 6 years ago
I don't understand all the fuss. Granted it may not work as expected now, and thats never a good thing. But I would say its an exceptionally well realised game, it may not be your cup of tea but it is still a very impressive game.

These days it is quite normal for games to be released buggy, this is a sad reality of the current expectations placed on game developers, if you buy a game on day 1, you should EXPECT it to be buggy. Theres a discussion in that too, but for different day.

When I bought battlefield 3 after my experience on battlefield 2 I full expected it to be unplayable for at least one week, I was pleasantly suprised to find it was only unplayable for 2 days!!!!
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Richard DeBarry Programmer 6 years ago
Best game I've played in a long time, but I had awful lag for a few minutes last night and have had other less severe moments of lag that only lasted a few seconds each time. My save files are 9MB and I didn't know others were having the issue since my Xbox has been acting up lately and thought it might be a hardware issue. I wonder if it stops at 9MB or if it keeps growing.
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James Ferris buying assistant 6 years ago
game has frozen a few times while i have played and one crazy scenario of me horse going crazy and flying through the map, its been ok , as long as save regularly (which everyone should do) i can survive until the patch comes out :)
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Thomas Perry Game Developer 6 years ago
Farhang, I laughed when I read your post on repetitiveness... There is nothing repetitive about this game sorry you 'feel' that way but that is not 'reality'.
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Neil Vidyarthi Editor, Social Times6 years ago
It's funny, the world does so many things well that I don't find that the bugs break my suspension of disbelief.
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John Kauderer Associate Creative Director, Atari6 years ago
I'm playing on a 360 and have almost no problems. I'm really enjoying my playthrough. It's far from perfect but quite immersive and it can be challenging at times. I personally hate games that are too easy. Looking at you Fable 3, looking at you Jade Empire. Lack of challenge can all but ruin a game, no scratch that... Lack of challenge ruins a game.

The 360 must have been the lead platform, which makes all the sense in the world considering the disparity between the PS3 and 360 install base. PC is easy to patch for the most part so that was a no brainer. Too bad about the PS3 though. Seems like an extra week or two in the cooker would have been in order.

I'm also one of the few non connected console players out there. I prefer to MP on a PC the way the good pagan lord of fragging intended.
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Andrzej Wroblewski Localization Generalist, Albion Localisations6 years ago

"These days it is quite normal for games to be released buggy, this is a sad reality of the current expectations placed on game developers, if you buy a game on day 1, you should EXPECT it to be buggy. Theres a discussion in that too, but for different day. "

No, it is not normal for games to be released buggy. It's a fraud.
No, it isn't a "sad reality" but mostly sloppy management & too much influence from the marketing scourge.
No, I shouldn't EXPECT it to be buggy. I should DEMAND it to be at least satisfactorily bug-free, or get my money back.
No, that discussion isn't for a different day. Releasing bugged games results directly in growth of piracy, because potential buyers simply don't want to put their money into a product only a bit better than useless. I won't even mention corporate pricing policies...

And just for the record -- Skyrim (PC version) doesn't feel buggy at all (at least compared to some other titles). It's fully playable, only some non-gamebreaking glitches.
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Chris Gander6 years ago
I've been playing my PS3 version for some time now (up to lvl 15) and have yet to encounter any real problems. Yes, there's been the occasional lag moment, but with Bethesda games, you just come to expect it...and then accept it. The game is still amazing and the patch will only make it better. However, as Tim Clark said, I do feel for those who don't have their system connected.
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If the market's pushing the sky, you shoot for the stars but hit the moon, that's still a pretty good outcome.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 6 years ago
@Chris: You'll see lag soon. I was lvl 15 and happy, skipping in the breeze. The around level 25-27, it got chugly. As the files get bigger, stuff starts slowly choking. The game is still very playable, but yes, it does slow down a bit to a lot, depending on where you are and what you do.

It sucks for me, as I'm not a PSN user at all (which means I'll end up re-buying the game when it's a GOTY package). In the meantime, I'll do some cleaning up of files on my PS3's HDD and see what happens. Otherwise, definitely a stellar game experience, warts and all. The random nature of some of the events is pretty damn cool.

As an aside, playing this game with a guide in one hand and a controller in the other isn't the way to go at all, I say. Hop in, wing it and save a lot works best for me.
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany6 years ago
I you don't have your machine connected to the net you can always bring it to a friend's home once and problem solved. At the same time this is quite a nice anti-piracy measure (hope it's not intentional)
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Andrew Animator 6 years ago

Firstly I would like to say I'm not defending the state games can be released in. And also, I should add I was really speaking about major titles.

But I can't think of a major title in recent times that hasn't had a day 1 patch and a number of subsequent patches. Of course it speaks to problems in the development process. But the reality is publisher pressure very often leads to games being rushed out of the door, many developers aren't in a strong position to release games on a "its ready when its ready" mentality. But you are also correct that this problem can also stem from a poor development process, but in Bethesdas case and Skyrim specifically I don't think you can argue that to be the case.

The simple fact is if you want to be sure the game you are buying is playable and bug free, and lives up to your expectations. Then all you have to do is wait a few weeks and you will know. Read reviews and publicity, this is true for any product, if you buy it without researching it properly then its your own fault.

For example would you just walk into a TV store and buy the first one you see. No, of course not, you would research and find the one which works best. The same is true for games.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 6 years ago
@Alfonso: Oh, if it were ONLY that easy.
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