Sony founds Play Community social network

Publisher expands PlayStation Japan portal with new features

Sony has revealed a new section of its web portal: a new social networking area known as Play Community.

In it, PlayStation fans can sign up and use many of the features of other social networks such as friend making, messaging and forming groups, reports Andriasang.

All users will have their own profile page and will be able to arrange online games with other members.

To sign up, users will need to be a member of the PlayStation network.

Sony is also giving away a new PlayStation Vitas to three users who sign up, make at least three friends and post a comment at this post on the Sony blog.

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Harrison Smith Studying Games and Graphics Programming, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology6 years ago
umm SONY launching there own social network, wonder how it goes in Japan, if they combine there media empire into it, I cant see why it couldn't gather a following, especially in Japan, maybe combine it with PS home.
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Japan already has strong social networks eg. GREE

its a tough market to penetrate
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