Grasshopper Manufacture launches Game Campus Festa

Will support Japanese students with work on PlayStation Vita

Shadows Of The Damned developer Grasshopper Manufacture has launched a new initiative to support students working in PlayStation Vita development, and may even publish some of the finished projects as downloads.

Eight schools are involved in the scheme, including Kyoto Seika University, HAL Osaka and Trident Computer College, and aims to "discover the next generation of talent."

Updates are available on the new Japanese Sony Play Community site, where there's an official group for the project.

Recently Grasshopper Manufacture signed a deal with Mobage operator DeNA to create new content for the platform.

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Tony Johns6 years ago
I wish I could have been lucky enough to get some new software to help develop games for the PS Vita.

That would have been a great opportunity as I had just finished my Game Design exam yesterday at my university.
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