Razer CEO calls for return of stolen prototypes

Hunt for stolen Blade laptops extended to Facebook community

Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of gaming hardware manufacturer Razer, has called for the return of two laptop prototypes that were stolen from the company's offices.

Tan issued the plea to Razer's Facebook community, explaining that the prototype Blade laptops were taken after a "break-in" at the company's San Francisco research lab on November 4.

"As you can imagine, the return of these prototype units is very important to the company," he said. "We have already reported this to the authorities who are working closely with us on this matter."

"We take this act of theft seriously and would like to appeal for its return and discourage anyone from buying the Razer Blade prototypes from the perpetrators, whether online or otherwise, as they are stolen property."

According to a report on Kotaku, only the Blade prototypes, another laptop and a digital camera were stolen during the incident, despite the office housing the possessions and equipment of around 30 employees.

At present the police have no suspects, but the intruder accessed the building's lobby using an official security card.

One of the prototypes was undergoing a week-long thermal test, and the recovery of that data is one of the principal reasons Razer decided to make the search public.

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