Humble Voxatron Bundle raises $900k

172,000 people paid an average of $5.24 each

The Humble Voxatron Bundle raised a total of $902,448 after two weeks on sale.

This is the latest in a series of indie game packages that allow customers to pay whatever they want, and divide the money in any way between the participating developers and charities.

The bundle included Voxatron, Chocolate Castle, Jasper's Journeys, Zen Puzzle Garden and Gish. The partner charities were Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

172,263 copies of the bundle were sold in total, at an average price of $5.24. Customers that paid above the average also received Blocks That Matter and The Binding Of Isaac.

Linux users paid an average of $8.54, with Mac users paying $6.66 and Windows users paying $4.70. Mojang founder Markus "Notch" Persson was the single biggest contributor, paying $2000.

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Latest comments (3)

Teemu Kokkonen Teacher 6 years ago
I guess it wouldn't hurt the bigger titles to lower the price as well. Even though their target demographic might have the coin, but there are others who want to buy and play those games as well (like we poor students :( ) and a lower price would make it available for larger audience.

If what they say about Steam's "Top Selling" charts being calculated on the total sum of money that game has made is true, you can see that for example Dungeon Defenders is still on that list with the new colossal titles like MW3.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers6 years ago
@Teemu That sounds great in theory for these games at release, but in practice these big publishers don't want to devalue their launches by making the digital PC version super cheap.
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gi biz ;, 6 years ago
It's not just a matter of price. I could afford to pay more, so I paid more. I could've bought a game in a shop as well.
What I would like to point out is that those in HB are roughly the only Linux games available. Although Desura should push publishers into demanding Linux ports (and come on, POSIX is a standard across Mac and Linux, so in most cases not porting is simply unjustified laziness/ignorance), people is so stubborn that nothing moves yet. With the notable exception of Amnesia and Oil Rush, as of today Linux market is completely underexploited.
Anyway, I hope that they'll do something to improve the quality of the bundles. Voxatron is super addictive, but I'd like to see more modern titles, like Trine to mention one.
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