Gareth Edmondson leaves Reflections after ten years

Studio manager departs Driver: San Francisco developer

Ubisoft Reflections' studio head Gareth Edmondson has left the company after more than ten years as part of the team that created the Driver franchise.

The studio was bought by Ubisoft in 2006, and most recently worked on the well-received Driver: San Francisco.

"In the five years since Reflections has become a part of the Ubisoft team of studios, we have had the pleasure of working and creating together with Gareth Edmondson as head of Reflections. Gareth has made the choice to leave the studio at this time," said Ubisoft in a statement.

"Our team of talented developers at Reflections will continue their work on upcoming projects under the supervision of Giselle Stewart, studio manager, and Darren Yeomans, production director, until a permanent replacement has been named."

Gareth's brother Martin Edmondson, who co-founded the company in the mid-80s, recently rejoined the team to work on the latest Driver title.

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Latest comments (4)

robert troughton Managing Director, Coconut Lizard6 years ago
Good luck to Gareth. I met him for the first time a year ago and he struck me as a very genuine and decent studio head - and I've not heard anything bad about him from any of the people who work or previously worked at Reflections (pretty rare in these parts..!). I'm sure whatever he does next will do well.
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Private VIdeo Games 6 years ago
I wish them and him the best of luck. I got a lot of my education at Reflections and Martin/Gareth were always super cool to me. I hope Reflections continues strongly and makes something else kick ass in the future.

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Martyn Brown Managing Director, Insight For Hire6 years ago
Good luck, top bloke! Best wishes to whatever he moves onto :)
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Rich Sturgess Business Development Director - EMEA, Marmalade6 years ago
Great bloke. All the best, Gareth - hope to see you again soon.
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