Frustration as PEGI ratings delayed again

UKIE: "Government can't seem to deliver on its side of the bargain" when it comes to child safety

The introduction of PEGI ratings in the UK has been delayed again, meaning that any enforcement of the system is at least 6 months away.

PEGI ratings were part of the Digital Economy Act passed 18 months ago, but according to UK Interactive Entertainment, the passing of a Statutory Instrument needed to bring the Act into force has not been notified to Europe or put before the House of Commons.

"This further delay to PEGI's implementation is extremely frustrating not to mention disappointing," said UKIE chairman Andy Payne.

"We have received repeated assurances from Government that the process is in hand, yet PEGI is still no closer to implementation.

"It is also disappointing that a Government constantly - and quite rightly - pressuring industry to put measures in place to protect children - can't seem to deliver on its side of the bargain.

UKIE claims it has been in contact with the Department of Culture Media and Sport to ensure the Statutory Act is drafted correctly, as well as with the Regulatory Policy Committee - set up by the Government to analyse legislation and ensure it does not become a burden for the industry to adopt.

"The Government has set it stock by making the UK one of the best places in Europe to do business yet despite industry consistently calling on the Government to introduce the necessary measures to reduce the cost of doing business, we have been hit by delay after delay," added Payne.

"It seems that the much talked about red tape has yet again got in the way of creating wealth for UKPLC."

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Sam Maxted Journalist / Community / Support 7 years ago
It's disappointing, but is anyone all that surprised this has happened?

The sooner we can have a single ratings system for games, the better. It's hard to raise awareness of a rating system when you have two of them sitting alongside each other.
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Will Ross7 years ago
I'm a little confused, does this mean that games are being delayed from release because the government can't decide on an age rating?
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David Wicks Editor / Co-Founder, Gamers Heaven7 years ago
no, just that publishers will have to continue submitting games to 2 ratings boards, taking up time and money that will both be saved when there is just the 1 system for ratings.
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany7 years ago
Really, what are they waiting for?.

Too much wish for control in the BBFC? or maybe they are worried since PEGI does not cut stuff?.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 7 years ago
Email Ed Vaizey and complain, he is the minister in charge.
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Andrzej Wroblewski Localization Generalist, Albion Localisations7 years ago
Single rating system is not possible -- if only for the reason that games are localised into other languages, and the language used may or may not adhere to the already issued rating for a game.
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John Donnelly Quality Assurance 7 years ago

This is about the delays in implementing a change to the UK law to allow games released in the UK to be rated through PEGI and not both PEGI and the BBFC as is currently the case.
This is the latest in a long series of delays in this and its beyond a joke and starting to how stupid the goverment really is.
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Tony Johns7 years ago
Anyone thinking that a content rating system is supposed to be protecting children is just living in the 90s and just plain wrong thinking.

Content ratings are about INFORMING PARENTS!!!! so THEY can make the choices for their own kids based on what THEY think is ok for their own children.

Also videogame violence or sexy content is NOT harmful content for kids. It is only because some parents don't wish for their kids to be exposed to it.

As long as the government of UK is so parionoid of harmful content and trying to legislate the PEGI, the information that is meant to help parents who are uninformed will never get passed.
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