Sony charging 4-12 to play UMD games on Vita

Passport system will let you download digital versions of owned titles

Sony has released a pricing list for its Vita Passport system, which will allow users to download digital versions of their UMD games to play on PlayStation Vita.

Prices for the digital versions of the games appear to range from 4-12 when converted from the original Yen values. All cost are on top of the original UMD prices.

To enable the process, gamers will need to register and download the UMD Registration Application to their PSP, insert the UMD they want to register and start the application. That UMD will then be uniquely registered to that account to prevent duplication.

200 games from 40 publishers are included in the initial offering, with the most expensive game being Persona 3 at 1500 Yen. A full list of the games has been translated and posted at the NeoGaf forums.

Games registered in this way can also be played in their digital form on PSP or PSPgo.

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By Brendan Sinclair

Latest comments (13)

Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
Hmmm. Nice to have the option of course, but 12 to play a game you already own? That's pretty steep.

If it was a blanket cost of 4 each it wouldn't be a bad offer really.
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It does *sound* unfortunate, but when you realise you are keeping the physical copy - is there anything stopping you giving the physical copy to 20 friends, and getting each of them to register it the same way?

Oh hang on - just read this: "That UMD will then be uniquely registered to that account to prevent duplication"

Huh? Does this imply every UMD is different, with a unique serial number on the disk?


If this is the case, I can't see any justification for asking people to pay anything for the service - after all, they already own the game. Its Sony's fault they can't play it off the media (i.e. PSV has no drive), not the consumers...
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
I had the same thought; renting games and registering them, so you're effectively getting a whole game for up to 12. But if they're effectively locking each copy of the game to one account it sounds to me like another means of taking wind out of the pre-owned market.
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senar koraltan Product Owner (with game/digital design, project management & commercialization skills) 6 years ago
Well not gamers have many psp games due to the amount of piracy which goes on so I doubt many people will even bother...
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 6 years ago
I have three PSP models (1000, 1001, 3000) and about 150 or so games (down from 200+, but I'm now adding new stuff when I can), so this news affects me not one bit. I'll get a Vita, of course, but only for Vita games.

For some folks thinking there was going to be a magic solution to this issue It's a mildly crappy deal, as I'd imagine not every UMD game ever made will be supported. But for those gamers who have the money to burn and somehow only want ONE device (what, you live in a shoebox and don't have room for another PSP and some games?), well, there you go.

I also think Sony is trying to move unsold PSP Go stock with this deal, as they can probably knock the price of that thing down even more to get UMD users who decide to go the digital route a sleeker means of playing their formerly physical copies...
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 6 years ago
I still got my Japanese days 1 PSP, Sony won't even allow me to register that device in Europe for anything.
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Peter Paninar Artist 6 years ago
1. Regisger your UMDs
2. then sell them on ebay
3. Profit :)

Still this should be for free..
Not that this issue is bothering me the slightest as my psp is under heavy dust cover somewhere together with 3ds and 99% of my portable gaming takes place on my iphone as i just have it with me at all times.
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David Wicks Editor / Co-Founder, Gamers Heaven6 years ago
at the end of the day we bought UMD's for use on the PSP, what sony are doing is saying there is a digital version available that will work on our next device, it costs money, but if you own the same game on umd we'll charge you a lot less. no one is forcing anyone to update their entire collection, if people dont like the upgrade price then they can continue to use there UMD's on the device they bought the damn things for in the first place... for free.

this UMD>Digital system should however have been put in place and free (or very small token charge for bandwidth costs) for those with PSPgo as it was another version on the same console with no UMD drive. Vita is a new console the fact it plays PSP games at all is a bonus... backwards compatibility is a feature, not a right, and some people seem to forget that and expect it as a given the next machine will play games from the previous one and throw their toys out of the pram if it does not or they have to pay a small charge to make old games work on a device that did not exist when the games were originally released.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.6 years ago
David, this should at most be nothing more than a service charge for the bandwidth and interface development.

12 or $19.30 is insane for a service charge. Overhead costs for each game won't even come close to 1/10th that cost.
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This opens another issue: if you buy a UMD from a store or online (2nd-hand), how do you know if its already been registered to someone else? Unless there will be a "already registered" service, with some visible/available serial number - it can't be done. This sounds messy :P
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Christopher Garratty Associate Counsel, Activision Blizzard6 years ago
1. As David says. Why should it be free? You paid to use the software on your PSP. Not on any other device. You have to pay to play digital versions of PS1 titles on your PS3. I think it's good that Sony are subsidising the service.

2. Given that the price varies by title it is most likely because Sony have different royalty commitments on different titles. They quite likely have to account to the publisher for every extra copy created in this way and buy it at wholesale price. It's only fair that this be passed on to the consumer.

3. There is nothing to stop you saving money by backing up the UMD and then trading it in.

4. If you are buying second hand then there is nothing new about not being able to do everything a first time purchaser can. We should all be well used to one use online pass, catwoman codes and the like.
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John Bye Lead Designer, Future Games of London6 years ago
Wish they'd got this (or some kind of trade-in system) in place for the PSPGo at launch. It should have been a total no-brainer to encourage more existing PSP owners to upgrade.

Also, on the price, "4-12 when converted from the original Yen values" is probably misleading, as games are currently much more expensive in Japan than they are over here because of currency fluctuations, no? I mean, you can buy PSP back catalogue titles new for under 10 from the PSN store.
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Rodney Smith Developer 6 years ago
Yet more Sony greed.
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