UKIE signs up 100th member

"2011 another exciting year of seismic changes" says chairman Andy Payne

Trade association UKIE now has 100 members, a milestone that represents a doubling of membership over the past 12 months.

"2011 has been another exciting year of seismic changes within our industry," said chairman Andy Payne.

"We are now the only trade body to represent the wider interactive entertainment industry - our members are developers, publishers, format holders, retailers, distributors and academic institutions."

More than 50 per cent of its members are non-publisher interactive entertainment business.

"We've delivered more services, whilst reducing our costs - delivering better value for our members. We shall continue to be right on the shoulder of the industry, ensuring we make the UK the very best place to develop and publish games and interactive entertainment."

The news was delivered at the UKIE AGM, were it also pledged to do more for members, providing more events, market data and in supporting the Livingstone-Hope Next Gen Skills coalition.

It's also dropping membership subscriptions by around 10 per cent per member, and introducing a new entry point of 500 for smaller businesses.

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Glen Elliott Partner/Head of Sales, European Game League6 years ago
Andy, Sam and the rest of the UKIE team have done a splendid job, highly recommend any small games company to join as it does help open alot of doors.
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Congrats to the UKIE team - it's great to see both UK trade associations (despite their different approaches) growing strongly, which can only be a good sign for the UK industry.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 6 years ago
But which one do we join?
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As a developer, I'm very surprised by these figures. But well done - I like to see successful businesses.
I wonder who all these new members are? If they are UK developers, I'm surprised to see them join UKIE over TIGA, as TIGA has always put the UK developers UK (whether indie or publisher owned studios). To that end TIGA has a achieved a great deal for the UK development community over it's 11 years.
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My take on the difference between TIGA and UKIE:

(i) when Manhunt 2 was banned in the UK by the BBFC, TIGA's CEO appeared as an expert witness in support of Rockstar during the appeal (even though Rockstar was not a member of TIGA).

UKIE actually supported the BBFC instead.

See [link url=

(ii) TIGA put forward a proposal for games tax credits which would have resulted in 20-30% of game dev costs being refunded to UK developers (30% for smaller companies, 20% for larger ones). That's 30k back for dev costs of 100k.

However, UKIE lobbied against the proposal, sending a lengthy list of concerns and objections to the UK government instead.

See [link url=
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