Namco Bandai games sales at 28bn for half year

Publisher makes 6 month profit of 8bn across entire business

Namco Bandai's games software division has registered sales of 28 billion for the six months ending September 30, 2011. Six month revenues across all of the company's divisions stand at 194.2 billion.

Profits specific to the games division were not revealed, but as a whole Namco Bandai's business made a profit of 8 billion, in line with revised predictions issued last week.

The results are a massive increase from a loss of 1.9 billion for the same six months last year, which resulted in full year profits of 1.85 billion.

For the full Japanese financial year of 2010 the company made a loss of nearly 30 billion. This year, full year profit forecasts for the company are estimated at 15 billion.

To put the the 28 billion sales figure for games in perspective of the company's operations as a whole, the Toys and Hobby division made revenues of 81.6 billion, whilst arcade machines raised 33.8 billion.

Japan remains the game division's strongest market, accounting for over 4 million unit sales, whilst the rest of the world accounts for 3.1 million. Overall, 7.2 million software units were sold across 28 titles worldwide.

The group predicts total software sales of 21.5 million worldwide for the full year, which would roughly be in-line with last year's actual result of 20.9 million.

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Those lil gunpla toys and other toy merchandise make an insane amount of money relative to the Sales figures. Namco Bandai really picked up overall!
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