Mindshapes secures $5 million investment

Child education app and browser game specialist to expand

Mindshapes, a developer specialising in apps and browser games aimed at child education, has secured a $5 million round of series A funding from investors and angels.

The cash will be used to expand the company business and consolidate existing revenue streams, as well as launching two new major games: Magic Town and Language City.

"We are passionate about using the latest technology and contemporary educational thinking to change the way that children learn around the world," commented CEO David Begg.

"This investment will accelerate our plans to become the world's most trusted digital publisher of high quality educational games, books and learning worlds as we continue to expand."

Mindshapes currently has seven apps at market on the App Store. The company was founded by some of the team responsible for founding Playfish before that company was sold to EA.

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Colin Walsh Director, Aardvark Swift6 years ago
Congrats guys - great bunch - I'm sure you will do very well!
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Benjamin Royce6 years ago
Great news however correct me if I'm wrong wasn't Playfish sold to EA not Disney??
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Dan Pearson Business Development, Purewal Consulting6 years ago
Sorry, minor brainfreeze - was thinking of PlayDom. Fixed!
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Simon Hope Senior Games Recruitment Consultant, Aardvark Swift6 years ago
Great news! Really good team over at Mindshapes and I'm sure this will allow them to grow from strength to strength.
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Gabriel Pendleton Unity Developer, Bully!6 years ago
Congrats! Always good to see industry growth and success.
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