Sony offering Vita a week early to pre-orders

North American First Edition Bundle available to order now

Sony will be releasing a special 'First Edition' bundle PlayStation Vita to customers a week early in the US and Canada.

The bundle features the Bigbig minigame collection, a case and a 4gb memory card. In the US it will cost $350 and contain the more expensive 3G model, whilst Canadians will get the wi-fi only machine for $300.

Bundles will be delivered by Amazon for February 15, but no similar deal has been announced in Europe. The Vita launches in Japan on December 17.

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
Innnnteresting... I wonder how many will bite just to get the Vita early and how many will wait for the cheaper model. We shall see, but I predict a lot of these going up for resale on eBay and fetching a few times the price unless there's a catch where the person who buys that Vita HAS to sign up for a non-transferable data plan...
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