Battlefield 3 360 servers wavering under assault

Gamers reporting connection problems as EA/DICE work fixes

Gamers have been reporting problems connecting to multiplayer games of Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 after its US launch last night, problems which EA and DICE have been hard at work to fix.

Battlefield 3's beta was downloaded, according to EA, by over nine and a half million people across all platforms, but the stress testing of that experience seems to have not prepared the servers for yesterday's load.

Battlefield 3's official Twitter feed reported the problems as fixed over seven hours ago, but many users are still experiencing difficulty in accessing multiplayer sessions.

DICE's community manager Daniel Matros reported a further fix just over an hour ago.

Battlefield 3 launches in the UK and Europe on Friday. For a round up of the game's critical reception, read our summary here.

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Richard Atkinson Studying Qa Tester, Train2Game7 years ago
thats why i bought mine on pc :)
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Graham Simpson Tea boy, Collins Stewart7 years ago
Battlefield games never work straight out of the box. That's why it's not worth pre-ordering them if you are looking for the polished complete version. I wouldn't get too cocky Richard. Every single PC BF has been a disaster on launch since 1942.
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Thomas Eidson Senior System Designer, Heatwave Interactive, Inc.7 years ago
Luckily, the PC version has had a smoother launch than previous releases. It's still had some problems, but not as bad as its track record for launches.

I run a BF3 server and I've participated in previous BF launches (as well as worked at EA during a few launches). :)
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Weston Sohlden7 years ago
Graham hits the nail on the head. DICE has never had a silky smooth launch of any title, on any platform, period. That's not to say that they do not make enjoyable games (they do), it's just that they games have a "ironing" period during the first month or so after their initial launch. That said, I myself am enjoying Battlefield 3 on the PC, the gunplay is simply fantastic... (aside from the damage tweaks they've made since the beta).
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