Mind Candy: "New projects bubbling away"

Moshi Monsters developer says time is right to build new brands

Mind Candy CEO Michael Acton Smith has revealed that the company, which has found massive success with its MMO Moshi Monsters, is working on new IPs and making plans to take the game to new territories.

"We've got a few completely new projects bubbling away at an early stage," Acton Smith told in an exclusive interview.

"We love Moshi, we think it has massive massive potential but we want to, over time, diversify Mind Candy and this is such an amazing moment to build huge new brands. We've got this incredible infrastructure, all these amazing people, all these relationships with partners, and it makes sense to spin up new properties."

He also revealed current plans to continues build on the success of Moshi Monsters alongside the new Nintendo DS title and Moshi Music.

"We're thinking about what console platforms to go on to next, and whether to do another DS game and what time scale. Mobile is really important for us, so we're building that team at the moment, Moshi TV is coming together very nicely, should hopefully launch that this year."

He also explained that the company are looking to grow globally, both in the US and with localisation for new territories like Asia.

"We're having many discussions there. I think that's going to be a very important growth area."

Mind Candy was established in 2003, and Moshi Monsters currently has around 50 million registered users.

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 6 years ago
Bubbling away? Is that a hint at a Bubble Bobble parody? :)
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Hurple CEO, Zattikka Ltd.6 years ago
It's that megalomanic impulse that races alongside success - that you did one thing and can therefore do anything - DS maybe, but wouldn't go elsewhere with Moshi except TV and merchandising. Maybe a shot at education if funded by someone else.
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