100 players affected in Gameloft security breach taken offline amid security concerns

The French mobile publisher Gameloft has confirmed that a security breach caused it to take down one of its websites.

According to a report on CNET, the possibility of a security problem was first raised on the company's forums earlier this week. This was followed by going offline yesterday.

Gameloft issued a statement to CNET confirming that "about 100 users" had been affected, including players of the popular game Order & Chaos.

"All users who have contacted us have been re-credited to their original account's situation," the statement read.

"As less than 1 per cent of Gameloft Live users accessed Gameloft Live through the Web version, we decided to close the web version of Gameloft Live. All users who have contacted us saw their account situation restored. It is a priority for us to keep players' data protected."

Despite attracting criticism for its practice of creating thinly veiled imitations of popular games Gameloft has achieved considerable financial success, and recently announced the creation of up to 150 jobs with a new studio in New Orleans.

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