50 million iPhone downloads for Miniclip Mobile

Swiss company's mobile division brings in impressive results after just one year

Miniclip Mobile, a division of the company responsible for the world's largest online gaming website, has seen over 50 million downloads of its games on iPhone in the past year.

"We're simply blown away with the success we've achieved in such a short time with our new mobile division," said mobile division head Sergio Varanda.

"The team we've assembled is world class and will help to continue to drive our incredible mobile growth over 2012 and beyond."

Miniclip mobile now plans to expand to more mobile platforms, including Android and Windows Mobile.

New game iStunt has achieved over 700,000 sales since its release less than three months ago. Other Miniclip mobile games include Gravity Guy, Monster Island and iStunt 2.

Earlier in 2011 the company had three titles at the top of the the Apple USA Free App chart, an achievement that led to around a million downloads a day for the mobile division.

Swiss company Miniclip has 650 online and mobile titles to its name, with 65 million unique players every month. The dedicated mobile division launched in August 2010.

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João Namorado Project Manager, Portugal Telecom6 years ago
I've had the pleasure of meeting Sérgio and I do believe this success stems from his very agile and inventive mind. Congratulations to him and his team!
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