Team Fortress 2 community earns $2 million from items

One year anniversary of Valve's Mann Co. Store celebrated with massive update

Over the past year item creators have made over $2 million selling their wares for Valve's Team Fortress 2 through the in game Mann Co. Store.

"The Mann Co. Store represents an important new direction for games and game makers," said Valve president Gabe Newell.

"By leveraging and extending the platform features of Steam, Team Fortress 2 has enabled a viable marketplace for independent content creators and significantly extended the gameplay experience in an incredibly short amount of time."

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Mann Co. Store, Valve has introduced a Manniversary Update which includes the Steam Workshop. This new feature allows testing and sharing of new user created items, and the ability to track the item's status.

Other new features include 30 new pieces of content, decals and better game perfomance, making it one of the largest updates for Team Fortress 2 so far.

Team Fortress 2 was part of The Orange Box collection of games, and launched in October 2007.

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Latest comments (3)

Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 7 years ago
Can we sell maps yet?
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Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University7 years ago
tim@no but if Valve adds it as a main map, then people can give money to you for it if they wish.
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Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 7 years ago
@Stephen, in Valve's SDK wiki, maps are identified as "primary assets". They have been probably THE most important user created assets of all, to increase the value of Valve itself. The community building maps has done about half the work to build Valve as a company. Where do you think the modders cut their teeth? Why do you think CS, and so on, are so popular? Tons of fresh content coming out of the mapping community?

The real reason Valve won't allow users to sell maps is because their lawyers probably tell them not to. If they did, they would have a gigantic bill to pay to the mapping community.

But I think that sooner or later, some smart lawyer is going to pick up on this and launch a class-action lawsuit against Valve.
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