Rare veterans launch new studio's first title

Starfire Studios ready Fusion: Genesis for XBLA

Chris Tilston, Mark Edmonds, Philip Dunne and Ross Bury, all formerly of Rare will launch their new independent development outfit, Starfire Studios', with an XBLA title.

Fusion: Genesis, is currently in production for the Xbox LIVE Arcade. The game will focus on multiplayer with an "always connected dynamic" for up to eight players.

"We had a good run at Rare, a happy run at Rare," Tilston told Eurogamer, speaking about the move from Rare's console culture to smaller, XBLA titles.

"When you know it's your time to move on, it's your time. It is definitely a great place to work at and for all intents and purposes still is. But they're obviously into big, 50, 100 man games and they're a 160 man company - so you're a one game company in a way."

A Windows 7 spin off, Fusion: Sentient, will connect with the XBLA game.

Starfire Studios was founded in March 2009 and is based in Leicestershire. Between them the four man team have worked on titles like Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007, Halo 3 and Kameo.

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Saehoon Lee Lead technical artist, Kuno Interactive6 years ago
Wish you guys the best of luck!
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Kyle Davidson6 years ago
Rare is nothing but a shadow of it's former self, and I'm glad to see these guys trying to start afresh. I wish them the very best.
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Brian Hannah Studying Bsc Hons Computer Games Software Development, Glasgow Caledonian University6 years ago
All the best to themgood luck!
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jim ellis 2D/3D artist, design, illustration, concept artist, video editor 6 years ago
Well done to Chris, Ross, Mark and Phil! Great when people get the opportunity AND take it... best to all.
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Its great to see folks start out afresh. Maybe they will produce some rare new gems!
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