GI Career Fair: Careers & Education Pt 2

Hello Games, Bossa Studios, Goldsmiths and Inensu share advice on first jobs in the industry

In this final video from the Career Fair we go back to looking at the issues of getting a career started in the games business. Joining moderator Johnny Minkley is Paulina Bozek, formerly of SingStar and now heading her own company Inensu, as well as Sean Murray, co-founder of Joe Danger studio Hello Games. From the academic side we have William Latham from Goldsmiths University in London, and also Imre Jele, co-founder of social games company Bossa Studios.

Answering questions from the attendees, the mismatch between the realities of working in the games business and what's being taught on University courses, understanding a company before you apply for work there and the importance of a personal touch, the value of education and post graduate courses, as well as detailed portfolio advice.

More GI Career Fair videos can be found by following the links: Search for a Star, QA and Production, Art and Animation, Games Design, Programming and Careers and Education.

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Tony Johns10 years ago
One thing I really don't like about university is that they never teach you enough of the basic skills, they only take you so far and they leave you high and dry when I really need some help.

I have been trying to import my own textures into UDK but they always come up with Import Errors, and when I ask my lab teacher for help, he just says to look at the tutorial videos.

And I have already done looking on all the tutorial videos that I could find but still no luck and my imported textures keep on having import errors.

I really hate it how it seems like that the lab teachers are not helping me enough, and I have been really frustrated when teachers don't try to help me when I really REALLY needed some help.
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