Slightly Mad's crowdsourced racing project goes live

Developer ropes in Top Gear vet to assist with C.A.R.S.

Slightly Mad Studios has released the first project to make use of its crowdsourcing and crowd funding portal World of Mass Development.

The WMD platform allows the community to participate in the development of online racer C.A.R.S. for a fee, working directly with the UK developer behind EA's Need for Speed: Shift series. All those that work on the game will receive a share of the revenues once the game is released.

With the launch of C.A.R.S. Slightly Mad has enlisted the help of Top Gear's Ben Collins to help promote the game as the first participants sign up to the project.

"When we found out Ben was interested in the project it was an obvious decision to get him involved," commented Ian Bell, managing director of Slightly Mad.

"As 'the Stig' he has driven the best cars in the world and was universally regarded as the best real racing driver around. The experience that he can bring to the team will be invaluable. He's also really enthusiastic about working in a new development model alongside fans, members of the public and experienced developers alike."

Slightly Mad is limiting the number of places on the development team initially, but intends to open additional places throughout the development process.

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Murray Lorden Game Designer & Developer, MUZBOZ6 years ago
"This plan's just crazy enough, it might work." :)
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