GI Career Fair: Search for a Star

Headstrong, Relentless and Aardvark Swift on what they look for to find the next programming superstar

The latest video from the Career Fair focuses on the Search for a Star competition - an annual event aimed at final year students to help them find a programming job in the games industry, organised in conjunction with recruitment firm Aardvark Swift.

The competition replicates the recruitment process and includes professional advice from Lizi Attwood, lead programmer at Relentless, and Greg Booker, technical director for Headstrong Games. Here they discuss the technical requirements that helps them filter out the first of the 90-plus participants, details of the written test and common mistakes, the code-writing process which involves bug fixing and adding particular features, and finally the panel interview which includes technical coding questions.

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James Boulton Owner, Retro HQ Ltd8 years ago
Personally I always look for demos. If someone turns up with a decent demo they've put together, either a tech demo or game demo - just something to show what they can do - this makes a huge difference.

Trying to find out if someone is great is very difficult from a piece of paper, or even face to face, especially if they have little or no commercial experience.
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Thanks James - Good to see we know what industry hiring managers want. We recognised this many years ago James and designed the competition accordingly. We know that giving the students a tangible demo to take away from the comp has helped many of the finalists (including the winner!) get their first job in the industry.
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James Walker Studying Joint Hons. Computer Science and Physics, Durham University8 years ago
Unfortunately I can't seem to access the video - I've clicked on the picture and nothing - I've tried it in Firefox, IE8, and Google chrome and still nothing, does anyone have any alternate links or suggestions?


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Daniel Bratsberg Studying Bsc Computing, Graphics, and Games, Middlesex University8 years ago
I have the very same problem. Is the video accessible somewhere else on the web?

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James Walker Studying Joint Hons. Computer Science and Physics, Durham University8 years ago
It seems to be working for me now, thanks for fixing it, guys!
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