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GI Career Fair: QA and Production

Media Molecule, Codemasters, PKR and Supermassive outline one of the most popular routes into the industry

Starting the second batch of our Career Fair videos is our session on QA and Production, featuring Terry Lee of Codemasters, Jez Harris of Supermassive Games, Luci Black of Media Molecule and Dan Jacobs of PKR.

QA has long been the one of the most popular routes into the industry, but here our panel discusses what experience it gives candidates for future roles elsewhere in games, as well as the possibility of remaining as a QA specialist. On top of that, the somewhat nebulous role of production, one of the natural progressions of a QA career, is detailed, giving insight into what skills are needed and what the role entails.

Luci Black is a hugely experienced producer, currently working for Guildford-based LBP developer Media Molecule. Also in the field of production is Jez Harris, who has worked in a huge variety of roles at various companies, recently joining Supermassive from UTV Ignition.

Representing QA in two different forms, are Terry Lee and Dan Jacobs. Terry used QA as a stepping stone to move into the industry, whilst Dan has persevered with it and become a much sought-after QA manager.

The session is curated by senior staff writer, Dan Pearson.

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Latest comments (5)

Chris Watkins QA Lead, Tencent Boston10 years ago
Thanks for posting this. It's always good to see successful and happy QA veterans.
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Dylan Wildman Graduate 10 years ago
I am a university graduate of video games design and even though I have a 2:1 degree I am still finding it near impossible to find or get a QA position in the UK. It is becoming quite routine and mundane to hear that ' I don't have the experience' even though this is considered an entry level position.
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Good to hear about this.. Well I was wondering if there is any possibilities for considering experience international candidates in companies like Media Molecule. Any info will be helpful...
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Scott Williams QA Manager, Ubisoft Reflections10 years ago
Personally I don't agree with Dan in regards to the qualifications required for a tester these days. 5/6 years ago the bar wasn't set as high, but out of my last team of hires (25 testers), they all had industry related degrees that ensured the team was diverse enough to have knowledge in all areas of games development (design, programming, art, etc..).
Interesting video though, it's great to see some recognition for QA here in the UK
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Nick Bjhvbkjvh Studying TIGA Diploma in Games Design, Train2Game9 years ago
I agree with scott, a brief flick through the QA job advertisements told me I need alot of experience and industry knowledge before I should even bother applying. Does make you wonder how you can get this experience if you can't get a job, however.
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