Dates set for Blitz Games Studios' 2012 Open Days

Registration open for students interested in working in the industry

Blitz Games Studios has set the dates and opened registration for its 2012 student Open Days in Leamington Spa.

The three open days will take place on March 2, 23 and 30 next year.

"Not only are we offering students from many different disciplines the chance to visit a successful games studio and talk to real game developers about what they do and how they do it," said senior events and education coordinator Kim Blake.

"It's also a great way to publicise the fantastic work produced by the creative industries in the UK and the importance of next gen skills to the UK economy."

The March 2 and 23 dates are aimed at students in their second and finals years with an interest in 2D and 3D art, animation, audio, design and programming.

March 30 will be aimed at those interested in design and programming, and is open to students in any year of university.

"The challenges of game design have recently become more exciting and varied than ever before, with the advent of new control inputs in particular demanding ever greater creative responses," said John Nash, studio design director.

"As more people want to play a bigger range of games on an ever-growing of number platforms, we need a new generation of imaginative, practical and flexible Designers to help us create the very best in future entertainment."

The open days will feature a studio tour and a chance for students to speak directly to developers.

Students can register at the official site and they'll then be asked to submit a piece of work to win their spot at the event.

Closing date for submission is January 9.

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Latest comments (7)

Jeff Wilson10 years ago
Don't bother. I applied last year and it turns out you're competing with experienced industry freelancers who get all the work. How come all other games companies don't offer this option to students ? Just work on your Portfolio and keep applying to as many games companies as possible, in UK and overseas. I would like Blitz to publish the number of all their employees who obtained work from these Open Days.
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Kim Blake Senior Events & Education Co-ordinator, Blitz Games Studios10 years ago
Hi Martin,

It's absolutely not the case that applicants are competing with 'experienced industry freelancers' - ALL the people who get a place at the Open Days are students on various courses around the UK; the Open Days are ONLY open to students. It would make no financial sense for us to offer an Open Day place to experienced people!

As for recruitment numbers, in 2006 (the first year we ran the Open Days) we hired 2 people as a direct result of meeting them and seeing their work. 2007: 3 people; 2008: 1 person; 2009: 2 people; 2010: 1 person, and I think as well 1 person from 2011. Some of those people have since moved on to other companies, others are still here working in - for example - our R&D Art team.

Competition for the days is strong, it's true, but they are a great way of learning more about the industry and the sort of skills you need to succeed, and getting personal firsthand feedback from experienced developers on your work.

You're quite right about working on portfolios though, that's what will ultimately get you an interview and hopefully a job!

As to why other companies don't offer Open Days, I don't know, although the cost is probably a factor. I believe Team17 recently did something similar, though.

Best regards,
Kim Blake, Blitz Games Studios

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Kim Blake Senior Events & Education Co-ordinator, Blitz Games Studios10 years ago
Hi Timothy!

The briefs that are sent out are the same as the sample ones, yes - this year we thought it would be a good idea for people to see what sort of thing we're asking for before signing up!

You don't have to send your work when you register, so you can register at any time. The deadline for all work samples is Monday 9th January 2012.

Hope this helps, do feel free to ask further questions here or email us at

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Irvin Franklin Studying Game Design Bachelors Program, Full Sail University10 years ago
Mr. Blake,
Is this a worldwide chance, or for U.K. based students only?

I personally want to move to Europe once I finish my schooling if I can find an opening.
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Jonathan O'Connor10 years ago
There seems to be a lot of bitter students out there these days. Almost every article on here that relates in some way to jobs and/or students seems to have at least one student committing a facepalm moment. I feel sorry for the grads out there who have the right attitude as these guys are giving you a bad name.
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Dave Herod Senior Programmer, Codemasters10 years ago
I agree, Jonathan. While I can sympathise that things are tough for games graduates at the moment and don't blame them at all for being bitter, they should realise that venting on this website is really not a good idea when you consider that the people reading their outbursts might be the very people interviewing them in the near future. Seriously guys, don't make a tough situation worse by slamming shut doors of opportunities in your own faces. Blitz set a good example organising events like these, and they're a benefit to the whole UK games industry. I wish more companies could afford the time/resources to do similar.
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Kim Blake Senior Events & Education Co-ordinator, Blitz Games Studios10 years ago
Hi Irvin

(It's Mrs Blake actually but don't worry about it ;) )

In theory you could definitely apply, but you would have to pay your travel expenses so I'm not sure it would be worth it just for a day... But if you want to, please do apply!

@Dave - thanks for that, appreciated!
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