Team Bondi to be wound up at creditors' request

L.A. Noire studio to finally shutter after year of turmoil

Papers registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission indicate that Team Bondi will be forced to finally close as a business after a request from unpaid creditors.

Liquidators have been appointed at the company and assets will be sold off to pay debts, documents show.

The studio finished a seven year production run for L.A. Noire, itself full of setbacks and controversy, in May this year, producing a game that was both critically and commercially successful. Soon after the game's release, however, trouble flared in the form of accusations of unfair working practices, accusing studio head Brendan McNamara of poor management and bullying.

As a result of the repeated delays of the game, and what they described as a lack of management focus, Rockstar games publicly refused to work with the studio again.

McNamara was soon reported to be taking members of his team to visit Happy Feet 2 studio KMM, with a view to joining the outfit along with some staff members and potentially some Team Bondi assets. Staff were reportedly offered a choice between a job at the new firm or severance terms.

As of September it was revealed that what remained of Team Bondi had entered administration, with a view to selling off remaining assets. With creditors now circling, Team Bondi is likely to cease to exist very soon.

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Colin McBride Studying MA in 3D Design for Virtual Worlds, Glasgow Caledonian University7 years ago
A real shame. I can only hope that McNamara has learned some hard lessons from this fiasco and radically changes the way he conducts business in the future.
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany7 years ago

I personally have suffered some kind of Bullying in certain big company in the industry (understand me if I don't say the name). I honestly don't want McNamara to learn from his mistakes; I want him to never find a job in the game's industry again (which looks likely, in my opinion).
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Based on what I have read, thumbs up for Alfonsos comment.
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Tyler Moore Game Designer & Unity Developer 7 years ago
Hopefully he does learn his lesson, or does the right thing and removes himself from the industry. No one should have to work for someone like that. My heart goes out to the no-doubt-talented dozens of industry newcomers and veterans that he burnt out. That's now a handful fewer future leads the industry desperately needs.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers7 years ago
What I hope is that Rockstar takes the L.A. Noire IP, gives it to someone else, and makes a better sequel building on the strengths of the first game and correcting the weaknesses. They have a track record with doing things like that, and I'd love to see them try it again.
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gi biz ;, 7 years ago
@alfonso: +1
Besides, if you've been bullied at work you should tell who it was so that you can save the day of other people who might be looking for a job at your former office right now.
The common belief that if you talk bad about your past jobs you're a bad person is quite dumb imo, as it guarantees companies a veil of discretion over any mis-deed. It's not about insulting or revealing secrets, it's much like "hey I spent my holidays at that hotel and the food was crap". I would be amazed if any law is preventing you from expressing your opinion either. And after all, sow the wind and reap whirlwind.
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