iPod touch "most popular portable game player in the world"

67 Million users signed up to Apple Gamecentre, updated with achievements

Apple's Phil Schiller has announced that the iPod touch is now the world's most popular portable gaming device, according to Apple statistics.

"Not only is it the most popular music player in the world, but we're excited to announce it's now also the most popular portable game player in the world," said Schiller.

Apple also revealed that over 68 million users are signed up to its Gamecentre network, which has been updated to feature friends' photos, friend recommendations and achievement points.

Apple also revealed that it had paid out over $3 billion to App Store developers, with 18 billion apps having been downloaded in total. Apps are currently downloaded at the rate of 1 billion a month.

The update was announced at the ongoing event in Cupertino, where the previously leaked iPhone 4S is likely to be confirmed.

The current iPhone 4 represents over half of all iPhone units ever sold, said new CEO Tim Cook, and iPhone now constitutes 5 per cent of the global handset market.

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Sergio Rosa10 years ago
Unfortunately quantity numbers and quality of content don't always go together.
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 10 years ago
We need a new word for shovelware, because this is no longer shoveling. I have seen shovels, they are too small.
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Jason Pullara Podcaster 10 years ago
There are statistics, marketing, bullshit, and then there's an Apple Press Conference.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jason Pullara on 4th October 2011 8:38pm

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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 10 years ago
I think it is misleading to make this kind of statement because iPod Touch is an integrated machine and iPhone is a phone. Neither of them is a dedicated portable gaming machine
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$3bn? Is that all? Surely the iTouch/iPod/iPhone/iPad would have to be the least successful (major) console/handheld ever in terms of revenue.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Neil Young Programmer, Rebellion Developments10 years ago
According to wikipedia, the DS can claim well over double that.
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Matthew Nguyen10 years ago
Except the iPod Touch is not a portable game player, nor is it marketted as one. What exactly is Apple trying to prove?
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Ryan Wiancko Managing Direction, Ironbelly Studios10 years ago
Completely horseshit as usual out of this Orwellian company.

As of January there were 160 iOS devices sold in total and the iPod touch has typically represented 1/3 of these says(or roughly 53 Million units). Let's compare that to 148,500,000 DS's sold and 118,690,000 original Gameboy's sold.
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Bill Garrison Studying Student, DigiPen Institute of Technology10 years ago
Excuse me, but the DS has sold over 100 million units right? 100 million is a bigger number than 70 million right?
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Irvin Franklin Studying Game Design Bachelors Program, Full Sail University10 years ago
Last time I checked, the iPod Touch was a portable music device capable of playing flash games... Im pretty sure that means it is not marketed as a "portable game player", but hey, I could be wrong.

And it says they have 68 million accounts, not 68 million accounts that are active, or that have actually paid for a game... My little sister has an iPod Touch, and though she has a "game account" she has never paid for a single game. She just uses it to get all the freeware versions.

Lets compare that to the over 100 million DS's on the market and the fact that the games for those are much more expensive and generally dont come as 'lite' versions for free.

Apple, please shut up. Thanks.
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