Japanese PS Vita downloads limited to 20mb over 3G

Restriction on filesize for Japanese launch in line with Apple

Sony's PlayStation Vita will have a 20mb filesize limit for 3G downloads for its Japanese launch, in line with Apple's similar policy on downloading over a mobile data network.

On Apple devices, download filesize is also limited to 20mb unless connected by wireless, a limit which Sony has decided to emulate, reports Japanese blog ASCII, translated by Andriasang.

Sony has indicated that this number may change in the future. Sony Europe has been contacted for clarification on whether the limit will apply to European territories too. Sony is yet to announce pricing or carrier parters for the UK.

Download speeds on the 3G model Vita are fixed to 128kbps down, with upload rates capped at 64kbps, allowing Sony's Japanese mobile carrier partner NTT DoCoMo to sell 3G access cards by the hour. However, the 100 hour card, priced at •4,980, grants users 3 hours of free high speed, 14 mbs down and 5.7 mbs up usage.

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Latest comments (12)

Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 6 years ago
This sucks... lets get this straight.... You pay more for the 3G model yet you cant use it? 20MB is hardly enough to download a VITA game. I guess they expect everyone to buy cartridges. And then you pay for a card that grands you 3 hours of free 14mbs down and 5.7mbs up? I dont like this, Im sticking to the WiFi version.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
Is it just me or is that pricing structure just needlessly complicated.
Restrict to a low speed to allow charging per hour instead of a more logical per Mb or flat rate with data cap that a normal mobile 3G service will run on (if you have a weak signal and get a lower speed, you will still lose an hour I guess) then 3 hours of a speed 112 times faster, indicating that usually they are really throttling the speed. And of course being primarily a games console, you can't use this online service for multiplayer play.

Essentially, I can't see why anyone with a smartphone already would have much use for the 3G model. Unless they are desperate to spam facebook/Japanese equivelent every time they play of course.
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Andrew Ihegbu / 6 years ago
It's all in the numbers. How many end users in the UK and US have 10 or 20 meg broadband just to surf emails because they heard its fast. How many suppliers advertise 'unlimited' downloads with a fair use policy of 10GB. Everything is a marketing tool these days. Unfortunately, Sony is following Apple and acting as if all its end users have an IQ of 12.

The problem is, they can. Who else is going to make a competitor that will honestly match them on price and performance? Nintendo are too busy diversifying and making 'alternative' products to survive (they do it bloody well too, but this means the 'conventional handheld market is left to Sony).
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 6 years ago
The 3G of the Vita is slowly but surely turning into a worse gimmick than Nintendo's 3D.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
@Klaus, although at least it's not called the PS3G.
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Peter Paninar Artist 6 years ago
I still don't understand how anybody can even consider the 3G model of the vita anyway... all you need is your phone in your pocket and you can hook up the vita to your phones 3G over the wifi and you are all ready to go if you really have to be online with vita... no need to pay for 3G twice

still it's funny if japanese will have the 20MB limit per 3G download and limited speed to 128/64kbps than how bad will it be in the UK? :)
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
@ Peter, well as they in some parts have 1Gb/s internet speeds, and the very best I've seen in home broadband here is 50 Mb/s, it follows, that the limit here will be 6kb/s, right? ;)
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Bruno BrÝsted Incident Manager 6 years ago
I think it is far to early to cry about how 3G is gonna be in this part of the world.

Besides WIFI is always gonna be the better option for big downloads and 3G is then for other things so this like a non-issue except for those few with no access to wifi (which seems to be bit theoretical since even free wifi is spreading like wild fire).
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Huh? 20mb works for Apple, because "apps" are small - but this makes it impossible to download a Vita game over 3G, not to mention super-slow.

In short - no one will use 3G, esp. in Japan where Wifi is everywhere.

Its a wonder then that *only* the 3G version Vita is available at launch - this could turn out to be a big mistake, people will hold off for the cheaper one...

(I hope its possible to turn the 3G OFF, and leave Wifi on - no doubt 3G won't help the battery life either, unless the 3G model comes with a bigger battery...)
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Tony Johns6 years ago
Wait a minute?

Does this mean that the PS Vita you have to download the games?

What about the Japanese Import games?
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
@Terry, no, you don't have to download ALL the games, but Sony have said every game will be available for download, plus there's the PSN titles, the minis, the indie titles etc. that won't be available in store, just the same as every current console.
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Tony Johns6 years ago
@ Andrew Goodchild

Ok, thanks for letting me know about that.

for a minute I was getting a little bit scared there as Import gaming is perhaps the only thing I am interested in doing if I ever get a next gen device. Or else I will become nothing more than a Retro Gamer from next gen onwards only going as far as the Wii/PS3/XBox360 generation.
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