GI Career Fair: Careers & Education

Sports Interactive, Boss Alien, Crytek and the NFTS offer practical advice to students and graduates

This year at the Career Fair we hosted a number of sessions where industry professionals could speak directly to an audience of students and graduates, providing a unique opportunity to hear practical and honest advice about starting a career in video games.

Over the next two weeks we plan to show videos of all these sessions, which focused on specific skills such as programming, game design, art, QA and production. Today we kick off with a general overview of the UK games sector with advice from Sports Interactive studio boss Miles Jacobson, Jason Avent, previously at Black Rock Studios and now heading Boss Alien, and Karl Hilton, who counts Rare and Free Radical Design on his CV, as well as his current role as UK MD of Crytek. The three respected developers are also joined by educator Jon Weinbren, head of games at the National Film & Television School.

With questions from the audience, our panellists offer practical advice on choosing the right university to study at, why portfolios comes first, the reality that working in games is never a 9-5 job, the importance of traditional maths, science and engineering degrees, playing around with game engines, the value of post-graduate training and why passion and dedication are key to a successful path in the video game business. Career Fair Keynote: Careers and Education

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Antony Cain Lecturer in Computer Games Design, Sunderland College7 years ago
Great video - particularly liked Miles's views on pretty much everything
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Matt Martin Editor, GamesIndustry.biz7 years ago
Thanks Antony. We have another 8 coming over the next couple of weeks that I hope you'll find useful.
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David Allen Gamer Camp Comms. Officer, Birmingham City University7 years ago
Very useful video, have tweeted/blogged about this on

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Andrew Lee Pearson Studying Game Designer, Train2Game7 years ago
"Over the next two weeks we plan to show videos of all these sessions, which focused on specific skills such as programming, game design, art, QA and production."

This is excellent news as been our first time at Eurogamer Expo, we were pretty much lost and unfortunately missed most of these sessions.
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James Grant HR Manager, Gamer Network7 years ago
Thanks David - I'm glad you enjoyed the video and it was also good to have GamerCamp with us at the Career Fair. I just edited your url to ensure it worked.

Andrew - One of the key aspects of the Career Fair Sessions was to record and archive these invaluable contributions for all to see and share as a permanent resource.

In the upcoming sessions, there'll be input from not only a range of experienced industry professionals like Miles, Jason and Karl here, but the panels are also balanced with contributions from more recent starters in the industry, some who were this time last year a student themselves, so you will hear their stories and experiences first hand.
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Jamie Read 3D Artist, Neon Play Ltd7 years ago
Really looking forward to seeing more of these videos. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend Eurogamer, so I had to sell my ticket and cancel my industry one-to-one session (which I was absolutely gutted about), so I'm glad these sessions were recorded! Like Andrew I am also studying a Train2Game course and will hopefully be in the industry in the future.
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Tony Johns7 years ago

I have allot of ambition, however my ambition is often in another castle called Japan. So I am not sure if my ambition of making anime style games is within the scope of some companies.
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