New publisher Red Stallion targets Arabian Gulf market

Business a result of Trans Technologies and Digital Development Management collaboration

Digital Development Management and Trans Technologies have collaborated to launch Red Stallion, a new publisher that will focus on the Middle East and Arabian Gulf.

"Our partnership with DDM to create Red Stallion marks Trans Technologies' first investment in the interactive entertainment industry and we couldn't be more excited about this ground breaking offering to the Arabian Gulf," said Dr. Mohamed Juman, owner of Trans Technologies.

"Red Stallion, through our partnership with DDM, will hopefully fulfil a growing demand for interactive content that speaks to the cultural and entertainment habits of different international territories."

Red Stallion will publish a combination of new IPs and licensed content for PC and mobile.

"DDM has a long standing history of working with the best-in-class talent and developing meaningful partnerships between developers, publishers and license holders alike," added John Sutya, DDM spokesperson.

"The formation of Red Stallion is another milestone as we continue to lend guidance, business expertise, and build and operate businesses that deliver world-class entertainment around the globe.

The company will have offices in Doha, Qatar, Manama, The Kingdom of Bahrain and North America.

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Fawzi Mesmar Global Publishing Director, Enish6 years ago
Red Stallion and Peak Games making announcements at almost the same time; I'm looking forward to see what's going to happen in the region
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