Gears 3 becomes year's biggest launch so far

Epic takes UK top spot and becomes 7th biggest 360 launch

Gears of War 3 has ended Dead Island's reign of the UK software chart, selling almost as much as the two previous games' launch weeks combined and becoming the seventh biggest 360 launch of all time.

Codemasters F1 2011 takes second spot, pushing Techland's zombie killer down to third.

Zumba Fitness, which occupied the top of the chart for most of the Summer's sparse release period, sees a seven per cent sales increase and moves back up the chart from sixth to fourth place, switching places with Ubisoft's Driver: San Francisco.

Deus Ex retains fifth for a third week, as Warhammer: Space Marine and Resistance 3 both fall two places.

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
New entry1Gears of War 3
New entry2F1 2011
13Dead Island
64Zumba Fitness
55Deus Ex: Human Revolution
46Driver: San Francisco
27Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
38Resistance 3
79LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean
810Rugby World Cup 2011
1611Call of Duty: Black Ops
Re-entry12Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
1013Cars 2
1514The Sims 3
1115Red Faction Armageddon
2016Just Dance 2
917LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 - 4
Re-entry18Michael Jackson: The Experience
Re-entry19L.A. Noire
1720Gran Turismo 5

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Latest comments (5)

James Prendergast Research Chemist 6 years ago
I can't wait to see Dead Island's sales figures in a month or two...

Of course... i'm not sure what that will put into the heads of execs the world over with regards to zombie games... Personally, i feel they're a bit played out though Dead Island had a fresh take on it with the open world stuff. I didn't feel Red Dead Redemption pulled it off, in contrast.
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Kevin Clark-Patterson Lecturer in Games Development, Lancaster and Morecambe College6 years ago
Dont forget Dead Island was hit with out of stock issues and with many retailers offering high trade in values against GoW3, I cant see Dead Island creeping back up as most copies will be pre owned sales lining the resellers pockets.

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James Ingrams Writer 6 years ago
Remember "Biggest launch" is not the same as "biggest sales". The fact is, for example, a game like Oblivion, on PC, sold 2 million units in it's first month, and yet only 2.5 million units up to the GOTY edition. A game like STALKER, released at about the same time, only sold 800,000 in it's first month, and yet over the next year it sold another 2 4 million units, making total sales 3.2 million.

No how many media people, industry people and gamers will say STALKER sold more on PC than Oblivion? And how many people will think it's Oblivion because they only saw combined console and PC unit sales, or because of headlines like this one, showing it had the "biggest launch"?
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Murray Lorden Game Designer & Developer, MUZBOZ6 years ago
I think it's really interesting to see quite a few titles really sticking in the charts that (I would guess) are being bought mostly by women. I think it shows a change in the gaming economy, probably largely due to the popularity of the Wii amongst women gamers.

I have friends who NEVER played computer games in the past, who bought a Wii at some point, and really enjoy the active social friendly nature of it.

I don't want to be totally naive with my assumptions here! But is Zumba mostly being bought by women? Is there a way to know who is buying it? Anyway, I think it's great! NOT something that I think people would have guessed 10 years ago, that a mainstream home console is massively popular amongst women, and includes a specially built peripheral which can be used for Yoga, Fitness and Dancing.

I'm also speaking about The Sims 3, which I've always heard is very popular amongst female players (as well as guys), especially teenage girls. Not too sure about specific data there. But I think it also does well amongst a demographic who are happy to BUY games rather than DOWNLOAD them, making it doubly-triply successful. :)

And "Just Dance 2". Whatever that is. I would assume is a Wii title. Yes, and it looks fun!
[link url=

Damn, I wish there were dance games when I was growing up, and then maybe I'd know how to dance, and then maybe I'd have a girlfriend. :( Haha.

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@ murray you just need to be your peronable self tonhave the right gf. Dancing doesnt always equate to better chances, and the dance floor isnt the best place to find a partner : )
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