Report: 21 jobs lost at EA's Visceral Melbourne

Dead Space studios closed after cancelled project

The Australian branch of EA's Visceral team could close today, according to a tip off from a source inside the studio.

According to Kotaku, the news was delivered to the staff by studio management.

The team had apparently been working on a new AAA title for consoles for three years, but new VP of the EA Games Label Patrick Soderland killed the project on the grounds it would not be a financial success for the company.

While EA has refused to comment on the rumours, the IGDA Melbourne confirmed the reports through its official Twitter account.

"Confirmation of EA closing Visceral has been received :( our best wishes to the 21 devs now out of a job #EAVisceral."

In the past Visceral Melbourne has worked on Dead Space, Godfather 2 and Dante's Inferno.

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Harrison Smith Studying Games and Graphics Programming, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology8 years ago
Well i believe there is only one more of these Australian Arms left, and that is 2K Marin Canberra Australia (former Irrational Games Canberra). So if X-COM dont do too well, there might be another closure, lets hope there isn't.

Hopefully some of these guys find a place in the many indie developers that have popped up the last few years.
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The strong AUD doesnt help with game development from Auzzieland
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Nic Wechter Senior Designer, Black Tusk (MGS Vancouver)8 years ago
Sega (Creative Assembly) in Brisbane are also still trucking.
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Thomas Grant Software / Game Developer 8 years ago
Right, let me get this right. Make a game that does badly, like Bodycount, and you lose your job. Make a great game, like Dead Space 2, and you lose your job. Seriously, that's where the industry is headed. Set up a studio, make a game, sack everyone, repeat?
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Frank Young Studying Entertainment Business, California State University8 years ago
Its EA.
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Kevin Patterson musician 8 years ago
Bummer, I love the Dead space games.... My best wishes to those lost their jobs.
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Mark Wayland Senior Programmer (Graphics), Torus Games8 years ago
I left the company 6 weeks prior to the closure, and I can tell you that the team there was awesome to work with - hard working and smart guys that I'd work together with again in a heart beat. My best wishes go out to them and their families in these very uncertain times.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Mark Wayland on 20th September 2011 12:12am

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Nick London Programmer, EA Mobile8 years ago
Thomas: The industry seems to be moving closer and closer to the film model of production; keeping a small, close core team and hiring contractors for the bulk of the work.
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Alex Hutchinson Creative Director, Ubisoft Montreal8 years ago
Thomas: They worked on Dead Space, but most of it was done at EA Redwood Shores in California.

Mark: I agree, I worked with several of those guys before. Great people. They have my contact details if they feel like moving. ;)
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