GAME begins selling music and movies

Specialist branches out to entertainment; Blu-rays included in trade-in market

Specialist retailer The Game Group has begun to sell music and movie releases in GAME and Gamestation stores in a bid to increase footfall across its troubled business.

Over 300 outlets are selling Blu-ray movies and a further 200 stocking selected chart music, each with dedicated promotion. Blu-ray movies will also be included in the retailer's lucrative trade-in deals.

"We know gamers want to make the most of their console and use all its available functions, we are therefore delighted to be offering customers the chance to buy Blu-ray and music through both retailers," said company spokesperson Neil Ashurst.

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Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 6 years ago
Dear oh dear. GAME decide to emulate HMV in order to improve their business.

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Paul Smith Dev 6 years ago
Poor HMV...
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Simon Smith CEO, thumbfood LTD6 years ago
I was working at GAME whilst at Uni the last time they tried selling CD's in around 1995.
Picked up loads of albums for 1 when they pulled out :-P
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
Firstly, physical sales of music at retail seem to be so piss poor, so many music stores have gone out of business, why would anyone start selling CDs in a bricks and morter store? Selling them online, I could understand that, but in store is lunacy. Let's face it, it contributed greatly in HMV, Zavvi and Woolworth's fortunes, even if there were more factors involved.

Secondly, if you exclude second hand, a Game store in 2011 sells a lot less actual unique titles than them or their rivals sold 7 years ago. Partly becuase of increased space for used, partly because far more games get whole or half shelves, and a lot of those are preorde, those that would have got a whole shelf previously (Halo, GTA, CoD) now will get 2. What we really need is to reduce game display space to fit in music and film. Bye bye to the last little shelf of PC games I guess.

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Hurple CEO, Zattikka Ltd.6 years ago
So you fight a declining retail sector (console games) by adding products from two sectors that are now almost entirely digital. Strategy? I'm no GameStop fan per say, but they are the best model for Game to copy - not HMV.
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