Activision prices Call Of Duty Elite

Premium subscription for shooter will cost 35 a year

Gamers who sign up for the Call Of Duty Elite premium subscription package will pay 34.99 or $49.99 a year.

Those who buy the Modern Warfare 3: Hardened Edition, priced at $100 in the US, will get the service for free.

Call of Duty: Elite gives subscribers free access to downloadable content including maps, game modes and Spec Ops missions, tournaments, video content and game play statistics.

In June, two milliongamers signed up for the Elite beta in just two weeks.

The game launches on November 2011.

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Laszlo Harsanyi6 years ago
I think it is a little overpriced but Elite is a great service for hardcore gamers and gaming clans.
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Neil Hughes Managing Editor, Expansive DLC6 years ago
Am I correct in thinking that for 34.99 you get all future DLC map packs for free?
If this is true, then it's not as expensive as it first looks with 3-4 map packs at around 10 for the game.

Although it does make you realise how much you end up spending on one game.
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Neil Jarrett Studying BENG Software Engineering, Edinburgh Napier University6 years ago
I have heard a rumour that Elite will be dropped for PC because of concerns over keeping the integrity of competitions that they will run, with the PC being an open platform i.e. people being able to cheat.
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Max Priddy6 years ago
It's not actually that bad a deal, in terms of service offered to a cod fan it could possibly be more "worth it" than an XBL gold membership (What do you actually get with that anyway? Other than the ability to play games online against people and week early demos i.e. something that should be comparable to basic human rights in terms of the internet and gaming)

@Neil: I doubt they'd do that considering Steamworks and VAC is actually pretty good most of the time, plus they'd be losing out on money there

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Neil Hughes Managing Editor, Expansive DLC6 years ago
Just checked the FAQ on the Elite site and it confirms that you get ALL DLC Maps for your MW3 on the format you play on.

"Yes. The annual subscription to Call of Duty Elite is an all-inclusive membership, and that means you get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 downloadable content, including all of the MW3 map packs and more as part of your premium membership. No need to buy additional DLC."

That makes it quite a good deal if you buy them all anyway.
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Dustin Sparks Interactive Developer / Gaming Blogger 6 years ago
One thing to note is that they announced that DLC releases will be released Monthly and these monthly packs would consist of other "upgrades" to the game - not just maps. The monthly DLC would not be in packs like they have done previously, although for users not subscribed I believe they are planning to release DLC packs as they did before. Also, they mentioned in the keynote that it ships with 10+ multiplayer maps. So the game should be perfectly playable without purchasing the DLC. Note: I don't believe they have released the price of those DLC packs or what would be included in them for non-elite members.
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