Staff cuts hit 2K Czech

Mafia II developer loses more than 40 staff, AAA focus remains

More than 40 staff have been made redundant at 2K Czech, Develop reports.

Sources inside the company say that the redundancies are spread across 2K Czech's offices in Prague and Brno. However, the Prague office is believed to have lost less than ten people.

The job losses represent up to a quarter of 2K Czech's workforce, but Take-Two insists that the studio's remit to create "world class game titles" remains unchanged.

Take-Two released a written statement saying that 2K Czech has, "realigned its resources to streamline the development process, reduce costs and maximize studio performance."

"While this was a difficult decision, we believe it will benefit the studio in the long-term."

2K Czech was formed in 2008 after Take-Two bought Mafia developer Illusion Softworks. However, Mafia II was in development for around five years, and despite respectable sales it is uncertain whether the game proved to be profitable.

In July, core team members from 2K Czech formed a new studio, Warhorse, with veterans from Operation Flashpoint developer Bohemia Interactive.

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Latest comments (5)

Jeff Wilson10 years ago
Edward de Bono's Classic 'Six Thinking Hats' for Creative Thinking in Business, if applied at research at the start and during the project, would have saved an awful lot of time and money here. It may have even turned this lame game into a big hit. I quite enjoyed the demo but didn't buy the game due to bad reviews.

Good research and creative thinking would save such familiar excuses such as....... '2K Czech has, "realigned its resources to streamline the development process, reduce costs and maximize studio performance." I hope those talented people who were made redundant get work quickly.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 10 years ago
Actually Martin, according to Metacritic, this game has a very reasonable 74 - 77% average review score across its three formats, with only 6 reviews out of 79 on the Xbox 360 giving it a score below 6/10 (including the ridiculously harsh Eurogamer write-up).

Good luck to all those losing their jobs, and I hope the studio can become a little more learned and focused for its next project - although I have enjoyed what I've played of Mafia II, it kind of feels like the open-world is superfluous at times, and it has a weird mix of freedom and extreme linearity. But I loved the presentation and hope at least they have a chance for a third instalment.
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Joe Neate Producer, SUMO Digital10 years ago
Martin, calling a game "lame" that you have only played the demo of (yet enjoyed!) is absurd.

I quite enjoyed the first part of your comment, and thought it carried promise. But after I carried on reading, I came to the conclusion myself - without the aid of others telling me how to think - that it was a lame comment.
Perhaps putting on a ‘logical thinking hat’ would have turned this lame comment into something better.
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Josh Pattie Not given 10 years ago
The biggest problem from with Mafia II is that the open world was very very bad. LA Noire suffers the same thing, but then both games arn't meant to be GTA, but Mafia was advertised as such.
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 10 years ago
Actually, the open world itself was great; I enjoyed just walking around and looking at things in it much more than I did in, say, GTA IV.

The open world gameplay, on the other hand, didn't exist. I found myself wondering, "how much did it cost to make this whole wonderful, detailed, varied world that's hardly used?"

In the end, Mafia II was a decent game, not a great one. But that said, there were a lot of brilliant ideas in it, even if the execution as a whole fell short of brilliance, and I think that it's a must-play for anybody interested in game design, both for those ideas and as an interesting study in the conflicts inherent in different styles of games (such as open-world vs. linear) and the problems of resolving them.
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