Senta Jakobsen joins ngmoco Sweden

Crytek and DICE veteran joins Ben Cousins as new studio's second employee

DICE and Crytek veteran Senta Jakobsen is the second employee of ngmoco's new Swedish studio.

Jakobsen was most recently senior development director at Crytek. Prior to that Jakobsen was COO of DICE, rising from the position of senior development director on Mirror's Edge.

The news was released by Ben Cousins, general manager of ngmoco Sweden, via his Twitter feed.

Cousins said he was "happy to be able to welcome Senta back to Sweden and to have such a senior, experienced and respected person joining me to run the studio."

Cousins left the position of general manager at EA's Easy Studio in March, and joined ngmoco to set up ngmoco Sweden in June.

"In my new role I'll be building a brand new studio in Stockholm to create freemium games for mobile platforms like iOS/Android," he said at the time. "Like the team at ngmoco, I believe freemium games on new devices like smartphones and tablets represent the future of gaming."

ngmoco Sweden will focus on developing content for the Mobage social platform with the ngCore game engine.

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Ewan Lee Art Director, Edge of Reality8 years ago
Hey Senta, do I have to find this out on a website?!? Please email more than once a year!
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Erik Åström Animator, EA DICE8 years ago
Cool! Best of luck to her! :)

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