Japanese 3DS sales halve following price cut

3DS holds number one spot despite drop off, PS3 sees 30 per cent increase

The 3DS sold 105,639 units in the week following its price cut, Andriasang reports.

In the week running from August 15 to August 21, Nintendo's handheld outsold every other hardware format combined.

However, this still marks a significant drop in performance from the previous week's total of 196,077 units.

The PlayStation 3's Ľ5,000 price cut also took effect last week, but the system experienced a relatively small increase in sales, from 20,239 units to 29,666 units.

Earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed that it would hold a conference for media, investors and analysts on September 13, just before the start of the consumer-focused Tokyo Game Show.

Rumours surrounding the announcement indicated that the focus of the conference will be a redesign of the 3DS hardware.

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Sergio Figueroa Editor in Chief, Revogamers8 years ago
Dear Handrahan.

In order to promote a rich debate, it would be great if you use just one source for the figures. Please note that these 215,000 units sold came from Enterbrain but this week sales (105,639) comes from Media Create.

M-Create report offered a significantly smaller figure for last week 3DS sales: 196,077. Yet the fall is much less sharp.

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Matthew Handrahan European Deputy Editor, GamesIndustry.biz8 years ago
Noted, and changed. Sorry for muddying the waters.
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Given that the 200k week#1 sales, included sales that were postponed from a few weeks previously - 100k for the 2nd week is pretty good actually. If sales can settle around the 50k-60k level, that would be enough. Now for some games...
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a 50 % increase in ps3 sales, for such a small price drop seems anything but small to me...
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Peter Edwards Level Designer 8 years ago
They call it small simply because to them the starting number was small also, the fact that it was a 50% increase doesn't get around the fact that they are selling a small amount in their eyes.

To be totally honest I have put off getting a 3DS due to costs and the low amount of good games out for it so far, price drop changed almost nothing for me. When to game makers get a few more games out I will buy a 3DS but not before.
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