TIGA gets new member in Creative Scotland

National development agency ready to invest in new digital content

Creative Scotland, a national development agency investing in new games by Scottish developers, has joined trade association TIGA.

"TIGA has consistently championed the world renowned Scottish video games industry in political circles and in the media," said TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson.

Many Scottish video games businesses are already TIGA members. Now that Creative Scotland is a TIGA member we will be able to coordinate activities to support the Scottish video game industry still more effectively. I am delighted that Creative Scotland has joined TIGA and I am looking forward to working with them to advance the interests of the Scottish video games industry."

Create Scotland already invests in a number of video games projects including Facebook game Beauty Town, developed by Dynamo Games.

It's also investing in Tern Televisions interactive adaptation of the John Buchan novel The Thirty Nine Steps.

"Scotland has produced a succession of world-class interactive titles and Dundee currently ranks as the third best location for games development in the EU," said Morgan Petrie, Creative Scotland's portfolio manager.

"Scotland's games sector contributes over £30m to the economy annually, and Creative Scotland wants to make sure we celebrate and support the talent and creativity of the companies and people who work here. TIGA has been a relentless and vocal campaigner on behalf of the Scottish video games industry. Creative Scotland is joining TIGA to ensure we work effectively with the industry."

Creative Scotland has an Innovation programme with £500,000 to invest in new and innovative digital content in Scotland. Details for the programme can be found here.

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Looks like Scotland could be a nice test bed for digital content and a grouped alliance of creative game developers
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Marco Duarte Studying Game Design, Train2Game6 years ago
I totally agree with you, but the UK still needs the tax breaks.
Otherwise for the British companies to become competitive world wide is going to be a impossible mission.

I mean, even New Orleans have tax breaks!!!
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Lousiana, Georgia, Texas and other states all have some sort of tax incentive. Since Osborne aint gonna let the purse strings open this fiscal year, perhaps one can only lobby till election and stick em to the post on a promise to reelect or boot em out is one other option
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