Nintendo shares spike amid speculation

Update - Special 3DS event confirmed for September 13


This afternoon the The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that Nintendo will hold a trade show focusing on the 3DS on September 13.

The event will only be open to media, investors and analysts, rather than the consumers who will attend the Tokyo Game Show.


Nintendo has seen a sharp rise in share price after suggestions of a pre-TGS announcement on September 13.

A recent report by Bloomberg has revealed that the Japanese company's shares are at their highest price in three weeks.

The share price rose by 8.4 per cent to 13,100, the highest price since July 28.

"Yesterday's invitations from Nintendo for an event on September 13 seems like the main reason for today's jump," Yusuke Tsunoda, an analyst at Tokai Tokyo Securities Co, told Bloomberg.

There have also been rumours of a redesign for the 3DS console, but Nintendo is yet to comment on any of the above speculation.

In July Nintendo announced it was slashing the price of the 3DS handheld from 25,000 to 15,000 or from $249.99 to $169.99 in the US.

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Latest comments (14)

Peter Dwyer software engineer, openbet7 years ago
A redesign and a price cut for the model I brought just a few short months ago. These 20 free games better come with some free gold too!

I have to say, given Nintendo's track record for poor console support I'm doubtful I'll be picking up anything else from them for some time.
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 7 years ago
Bit soon for a redesign isn't it?
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Daniel Hughes Studying PhD Literary Modernism, Bangor University7 years ago
A redesign would do more harm than good at this point--they need to show they're serious about supporting the current model and getting big games out, rather than releasing a new model this early. The announcement could be Wii U related.
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Simon Cowley Sales Manager Europe, NCsoft West7 years ago
I was more than happy with free games to compensate me for the price drop. However I have a feeling that the news that'll come from this event will not make me very happy at all.

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Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University7 years ago
I going to be piss if it add new things to the 3ds in the redesign.

unless they have a free trade in plan but no way they going to do that.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Given that they hooked up early 3DS adopters who bought the unit at a higher price, I imagine they'll do something similar for early original model adopters.

If they do a redesign of the 3DS, it's a market forced redesign which is much different than their previous DS models that were planned well in advance.

Rumor has it the new model will have a second thumbstick and less focus on 3D.
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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 7 years ago
At least they will need to fix the battery life if they have a re-design. I wonder how many people keep the 3D on during their play with 3DS. Most of the people I know who have the 3DS switched off the 3D so that they can prolong the gaming time, which kind of defeats the purpose of 3DS
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Patrick Williams Medicine and Research 7 years ago
A 2nd stick and some games would be a nice place to start for an announcement.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Given that the price cut has done its trick, and there are finally some games coming soon - a redesign can wait for next year.

I would say the show is a focus on 3DS games, like a mini-TGS but just for Nintendo. They tend to not be part of the TGS (not sure about this year).

Rumours of changes to the design are wierd though - that would break backwards compatibility. As would a "3DS" that doesn't support "3D" --> doesn't that make it a "DS" again? ;)

It makes sense in the long term though.
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Alan Mealor Lead Artist, Lucid Games7 years ago
A hardware re-design is just a sticking plaster of a solution, the real problem nintendo faces is its lack of a credible competitor to the App Store. I like my 3Ds, I like the current software line up less but detest the clunky, over priced and undestocked online store.
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Curt Sampson Sofware Developer 7 years ago
A redesign that did something major such as include a second stick strikes me as extremely problematic. I can't see how it would be financially feasible to upgrade current 3DS owners, but if you didn't, what a way to piss off millions of early adopters! I'm betting the announcement is about more and better software of some sort.
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 7 years ago
Is there any chance that it could be a major software announcement? And I'm not talking one game, I was thinking that possibly the 3DS is going to support a platform such as Steam, or Android (for games) etc.

How feasible is that?
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.7 years ago
Patrick, I certainly won't say it's not feasible. In fact, your two examples may have more weight than you're expecting them to.

Valve has stated they have a serious interest in putting Steam on Wii U. Nintendo has stated they will work with key 3rd parties on their Wii U online service. I don't see any reason they can't look at the 3DS for the same.

As for Android, Nintendo actually developed an operating system that Google now co-develops and hosts. ES Operating System. So they have a closer working relation ship than many people know. Could that relationship extend to Android on 3DS? Who knows.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
If it's a redesign, it's kind of a bad time for one. What, Nintendo now wants so badly to be like Apple, announcing a new upgrade every few months and pissing off some who just bought a so-called "revolutionary" device?

What Nintendo needs to realize is it's a losing game to go down the device model route. As soon as you walk out of the damn shop your new toy is on the Road to Obsolete (starring Hope, Crosby and Carmen Miranda). A new model is a few months away from some stupid "major" announcement that ends up making some feel as if they're bent over a pipe because they fell for the same old trick AGAIN.

If they're re-branding the 3DS with a lesser emphasis on 3D, it's basically saying the unit was a sham of a fad to begin with. What WOULD be hi-larious is if 3D took off (again) a few months afterward for some incredible reason. THEN Nintendo would need to backpedal like mad to embrace it all over again. I can see the company line now: "Well, the 3D is already IN the 3DS, so we were there first with glasses-free technology, remember?"

As for the twin analog rumors. I hope the hell not unless they're forcing all 3DS developers to make games with an adjustable camera or the system is becoming home to handheld FPS games all of a sudden. I don't think a software announcement is in the works unless some of the games they said were coming out are announced with release dates (and have been completed so they make those dates). I'd say a Wii U announcement is too early as well, but I'm betting it'll be a multi-focused press conference covering a few key topics (or worries, in this case) from 3Ds pricing, to the future of the Wii to any new Wii U reveals...

Nintendo needs to not only sound confident, they NEED to show they still "have it" and not just through the usual Mario sequels and family-friendly titles that automatically sell and rent to the masses. Fanboys may vent "But it's NINTENDO! They ALWAYS have it!" all they like, but the fact is, they've lost steam (and ground) over the past year or so thanks to some oddball decisions many find baffling.
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