Vita RAM confirmed as 512MB

Sony releases hardware specs in social media press release

Sony has put an end to rumours that the PlayStation Vita's RAM was cut in half to keep costs down.

The idea that the Vita's specs had been downgraded surfaced in May, and seemed to be confirmed by Novarama CEO Dani Sánchez-Crespo last month.

However, according to 1UP, the RAM was cofirmed as 512MB in a press release announcing the handheld's support of the social media applications Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

The Vita is due for release in Europe early next year for €249.99.

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Claudio Raffaelli 3d Artist & illustrator 8 years ago
PsVITA is going to be the Best gaming experience to date. It will combine all traditional controls together with touch controls (thought to really help gameplay rather than be just a gimmick), great production value games and with graphic quality matching home consoles.

It may nor be the number 1 seller, but surely will be the BEST portable gaming product (for casual and hardcore gamers)at a extremely reasonable price
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Brennan Martin Studying Russian language and culture, University of Ottawa8 years ago
Good to see that developers will have all that ram to work with, from what I understand that was one of the reasons for programming being so tough on the ps3, (but I'm not a programmer so what do I know?). Great for devs though. I'll be grabbing this day one.
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Philip Wilson Project Manager/QA 8 years ago
...but if it still has the same terrible battery life that the original PSP had then it will yet another handheld with pretty graphics with games that last a very very short time ;)
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Petr Tomicek Intern Programmer, The Creative Assembly8 years ago
After playing with Vita at Gamescom today I must say the device is great. Much lighter than expected, didn't run hot, the screen is gorgeous, but aliasing is still visible when anti-aliasing is not used. The controls feel good nad two sticks is a win in my book. Can't wait till it comes out.
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Jarret Redding Executive Editor, Mash Those Buttons8 years ago
Philip, I purchased a PSP kind of late(MGS:Peace Walker Big Boss Pack), but I never experienced issues with battery. I am able to play games like Birth by Sleep for 5-6 hours without having to charge.
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