Digital Choclate acquires Sandlot Games

Social publisher buys Cake Mania creator to grow its stable of developers

Social game publisher Digital Chocloate has acquired Cake Mania developer Sandlot Games.

The deal will give Digital Chocolate access to Sandlot's stable of first party developers and IP. Sandlot is also a publisher, with a wide network of third-party partner studios.

"Sandlot has built a great reputation in casual games," said Digital Chocloate CEO Trip Hawkins. "We love their development teams and we can now expand further in Seattle and Eastern Europe. We expect to be the leading game company in at least 5 of the 7 cities where we now have development studios."

Sandlot Games' offices in Washington and St. Petersburg will join Digital Chocolate's premises in Helsinki, Bangalore, Barcelona, Mexicali and San Mateo, California, where the company is based.

Dan Bernstein, founder and CEO of Sandlot, will become vice president of Digital Chocloate.

"We're excited about joining forces with Digital Chocolate to grow globally. I look forward to building successful multiplatform games together," Bernstein added.

Digital Chocloate raised $12 million of series D funding in February this year.

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