Gameforge passes 300 million users

Online free-to-play company adds 100 million users in 12 months

The free-to-play online game service Gameforge now has 300 million registered users.

The last 12 months have been a period of tremendous growth for the German company.

In an interview with last August, CFO Christoph Jennen articulated plans to "press ahead with acquisitions" and recruit around 100 new staff. A further 100 million users have joined the service since then.

"Our current focus is on process optimisation and consolidation, but our growth continues to progress unabated", said Jennen in a statement.

"Although we are incredibly proud of this milestone, we are still motivated to continue our exponential growth. We are strategically expanding our portfolio and are looking for new staff - in Karlsruhe alone we currently have around 100 open positions."

Further growth is expected from the release of the browser game Star Trek: Infinite Space, which is due before the end of the year. The company claims it, "will mark a new era for the genre in terms of visuals."

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Matthew Green Producer, Solar Studios Inc8 years ago
I wont be impressed till one of these co's announces 10 billion unique users ; ) should come soon at this rate
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Matthew Green Producer, Solar Studios Inc8 years ago
BTW we have 6.4 billion unique users of Sketchbrawlers! ok there may be a rounding error in our figures LOL ; )

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