Dare to be Digital winners crowned

Digital Knights, Evolved Ape and Swallowtail teams will compete for BAFTA "Ones To Watch" award

The three winners of the Dare to be Digital 2011 competition have been announced at the Dare ProtoPlay festival in Dundee.

Dare to be Digital is an international game development competition organised by the University of Abertay Dundee, and aimed at students in higher education.

Teams of artists and programmers from over 70 universities built submitted functioning prototypes for assessment by a panel of industry experts and a public vote.

The three winners are Digital Knights, a team composed of students from the IT University of Copenhagen and Abertay University; Evolved Ape, from the University of Central Lancashire and Liverpool Screen Schoool; and Swallowtail, from Norwich University College of the Arts and Abertay University.

"We're so happy to win - the team worked incredibly hard," said Swallowtail team leader Sophia George.

"I came into industry because I wanted to see more women working in games and in turn creating more games for women. It is such an incredible privilege to win."

"I've been incredibly impressed with the technical achievements of all the teams this year, but particularly those that have managed to get to grips with Kinect," added judge Kieran Connell, development lead at Microsoft Studios.

"Creating natural and enjoyable game mechanics with such a new piece of hardware in such a short space of time is phenomenal."

The winning teams each received 2500, and will now compete for the BAFTA "Ones To Watch" award in early 2012.

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Latest comments (3)

Kim Blake Senior Events & Education Co-ordinator, Blitz Games Studios6 years ago
Our judge said the overall quality was really great this year, so happy to see Dare flourishing!
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Neil Holmes Developer Relations Manager, BlitzTech, Blitz Games Studios6 years ago
Definitely - congratulations to all the teams for producing some amazing work this year! The quality of the entries totally blew me away.
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Claire Blackshaw Senior Online Consultant, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe6 years ago
Was brilliant to be there, meet the teams and so many amazing entries.

Only regret was I didn't mentor, because the judging was great but really wanted to spend more time with the teams. Really happy with the three that came out on top, they deserved it.
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