World Of Tanks: 5 million users after one year online game hitting 172,000 players at a time

Popular online game World Of Tanks, published by, now has 5 million users globally.

The news comes as the game reaches its one year anniversary.

"We didn't expect World of Tanks would become this popular," said CEO Victor Kislyi.

"The game's success has given us confidence we needed to continue our expansion into the world of online wargames."

The game has around 172,000 players online at any one time, beating its total on January 23, which set a Guiness World Record at just 91,311.

Last week the company opened a new office in San Francisco.

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Justin Rounds Product Manager, Systemax6 years ago
World Of Tanks had one of the biggest presences at E3. Among the first sights you saw when arriving at the LACC were tanks parked outside. They easily had the biggest swag giveaway (on a mass scale).

That being said, I just cracked open the kit I received at E3 and tried playing last weekend. I haven't played enough to form an opinion on the game itself, but I will say the marketing force is remarkable.

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