Havok acquires 3D engine creator Trinigy

Two teams to integrate by end of August

Havok has acquired Trinigy, creator of the Trinigy Vision game engine. The acquisition is expected to be completed by mid-August.

"We are delighted to acquire this highly experienced, proven team," said Havok's managing director David Coghlan.

"This acquisition will extend the reach of both companies’ technologies across new geographies and market segments. We are excited by the opportunities that the combination of Havok and Trinigy will bring as the industry continues to broaden in terms of target platforms, markets, budget sizes and distribution models."

The Trinigy Vision 3D game engine has been used in 200 commercial titles, including Lucha Fury, Stronghold 3 and Orcs Must Die!

"The team at Trinigy is very excited by the opportunity to join Havok.” said Trinigy GM Felix Roeken.

"Havok and Trinigy have been partners for a number of years and both companies share very similar philosophies about how technology should be built and delivered to customers. We are confident that this acquisition will be very positive for Trinigy’s customers and employees."

Havok was founded in 1998 in Dublin, and its tools include Havok Physics and Havok AI. As well as working with titles like BioShock 2, Assassin's Creed and LA Noire, the company also supplies special effects for films like Quantum of Solace and Watchmen.

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Jordi Rovira i Bonet Lead Engineer, Anticto8 years ago
This is a very interesting and suprising move! These companies seem to be a good match, and this may create another powerful game technology team in Europe.
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