DotA pro-team acquired for $6 million

Chinese business man buys one pro-gaming team, poaches four members of another

A Chinese businessman has acquired the pro-gaming team Catastrophic Cruel Memories, Rock Paper Shotgun reports.

Wang Sicong, director of the Wanda Group, paid more than $6 million for CCM. The team is composed of five people, including specialists in DotA, StarCraft 2 and Warcraft 3.

The five members will form a new team called Invictus Gaming. They are expected to attend Gamescom, where Valve is offering $1 million in prize money in a DotA 2 tournament.

GosuGamers also reports that Wang has lured four members of LGD - one of the most stable and successful teams in the Chinese pro-gaming scene - leaving only one of the original members behind.

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Andy Grimbal  Game Production, Turner Entertainment Network Asia7 years ago
And papa said playing games all day would amount to nothing...
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Jamie Watson Studying Bachelor of Games & Interactive Entertainment, Queensland University of Technology7 years ago
the parents of these people must be happy!
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